Friday, July 9, 2010

dear anonymous...

I have posted your comment - despite your convictions that I would not.
And here is your comment, for all to see and admire, in a post all of its own:

Anonymous said...
Just a question: how does a junior lawyer have time to keep a blog - and you are married to boot? Until recently, you had to commute.

Every single person I know in the legal profession - and I know a LOT - does not have time for such extraneous activities, let alone junior lawyers. They work as hard as partners. Do you work for a lenient firm, who is not really fussed, or are you actually a paralegal? Or perhaps part-time?

I just have a hard time believing what you say as it doesn't jive with the reality of a lawyer's life. You probably won't print this, no problem ...

You're right of course - I am not really a lawyer. I am a liar! I didn't study for 7 and a half years, graduate with Honours, and work with two Federal Court Judges. I never commuted to Sydney, I am not married (the man in my photos is actually a clothing shop dummy - pretty lifelike, huh?)

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I am not going to take your comment seriously or personally - I am going to be thick skinned about it. But I honestly thought your comment was so damn hilarious, it needed to be published for all to see and giggle at.

PS: I dare you to go visit the amazing and stylish Faux Fuchsia and have a chat with her about laywers and their ability to engage in extra-curricular activities...


  1. Yikes the person who wrote that must be a bit of a nutter 0_o *eeeep*

  2. What an odd thing to comment on. How on earth did your marriage come into it?

    To Anonymous, blogging really doesn't take that much time out of your day. Cate only posts around twice a week (according to Bloglovin), not even every day!

  3. lol gold. I get similar comments because I am a scientist, and "real scientists" dont have time for such frivolity.

  4. oh god what a sad, jealous and spiteful person. They sound so pathetic its laughable. Don't sweat it babe, you obviously have a healhty work/life balance and they don't xx

  5. That is incredibly spiteful but really kind of funny. What a nuff nuff. Carry on the good works x

  6. wow that is really amusing! I for one don't doubt for a second how hard you work Cate. Although it's very clear how wonderful you are at juggling work with your outside activities. I really admire it! I'm glad that people are able to do that, if all they concentrated on was work, people would be awfully boring!

    Also I think that anyone starting out in an industry would work really hard, not just lawyers :) I know my bf owns his own company and has been working 15 hour days + weekends for a long time. He still manages to have hobbies/fun on the side. It's all what you make of life :)

  7. How ridiculous. I am a more senior/experienced lawyer than you Cate, and I still find the time for many extra-curricular activities. I detest the assumption that all legal careers are the same, or that all organisations at which lawyers are employed work in the same way. Keep enjoying your new-found freedom without the commute - it must be wonderful to have more spare time!

  8. Ugh what a jealous, spiteful comment. Good on you Cate for publishing the comment and having a laugh about it.
    I wish the anonymous commenters would reveal themselves - chances are they are insecure and could add nothing worthy to a blog.
    This particular anon commenter obviously has more time on their hands than you :)

  9. Uggh, nasty anon commenters, I am so sick of them! Even turning off anon comments, they create new ID's just to be nasty. I can't believe they bother to take the time just to be nasty... sick I say... just sick. To your 'anon', move on, there is nothing for you here.... obviously. A-M xx

  10. What a whack job...people like that never cease to amaze me, what a waste of space, their lives must be so empty and boring...

  11. I spend much less time blogging than gardening cooking or actioning domestic activities-the longest part is the uploading of photos (10 minutes-but I cook my dinner while this is happening). I am a lawyer and I do work full time and blogging isn't time consuming for me ( however, I do action tasks at time warp speed). There are so many different fields of law- some necessitate longer hours than others. If you are skilled with time management, you can blog, work full time, run a home, entertain, socialise, read, watch movies, exercise, maintain a marriage, shop, garden, whatever. It's really not that hard.

    Florence and the Machine/Kate-ignore the negativity and just keep on trucking.

  12. I don't understand why this comment was taken in such a negative way? I work in a demanding field and get the same questions. Some people genuinely are in disbelief that with a hectic career it's possible to have a life as well, and are interested in how to manage a work life balance.

  13. If anon thought you were so frivolous with your time then what is their display?
    Seriously chicky, i love your blog and I know youre real. The work life balance isnt that hard... you work you come home you make time, you find time ...

  14. i particularly liked the "and you are married as well?" bit, like it is still the fifties and once a woman gets married she has no time for anything else because now she is so busy taking care of her husband. get a clue, "anonymous".

  15. ^^I think it's because it ended with "I just have a hard time believing what you say as it doesn't jive with the reality of a lawyer's life. You probably won't print this, no problem ..." Being surprised/impressed by someone's ability to balance is very different to questioning the veracity of the posts and the truthfulness of the blogger.

  16. What an odd comment. I love to read your blog and it never crossed my mind that a lawyer wouldn't have time to post a blog once a week...on the weekend.

    And the marriage comment is interesting - perhaps you should be spending all your spare time doing wifely duties like peeling grapes for your husband and feeding them to him while reciting Keats? In fact, are you sure the anonymous poster isn't Bettina Arndt?

    Keep posting your pretty pictures plz! - Karti (Vogue Forums)

  17. Such a silly comment. It is fine to be in awe of someone who has a busy career, social life and lots of interests, but to question the veracity of your bio is so mean spirited. The funniest part of the comment is that maybe you are just a little confused and actually a paralegal, and not really married (huh?).

    Why don't people get that you can be intelligent, accomplished, and stylish all at once? And more to the point, that you can have a "serious" career, and still have interests which are a little on the frivolous side?

    Mean, anonymous person, mean.

  18. ^To the Anon poster above- it was probably taken in a negative way due to the second last sentence: "I just have a hard time believing what you say as it doesn't jive with the reality of a lawyer's life". To question whether Cate is inventing her identity I think is pretty unfair.

    I didn't read the comment as being in disbelief as to how she fits it all in, it was saying that she thought it didn't seem possibly and was therefore a lie.

  19. HAHAHA!!! I found this comment reallyyyy funny. Some people are good at the balancing act than others, not so hard to figure out is it?

    And oh yeah, once I got married I didn't have time to work at all! How inconvenient. *roll eyes*

  20. I had a little mental vomit at this comment. It's extremely archaic for people in this day and age to think we can't have a life beyond our careers. Keep doing what you're doing lady, I take your lifestyle as an inspiration.

  21. Hmmm... interesting stuff... I wonder if Anonymous would've asked this question if you were a man?
    Prob not.
    Keep blogging Flo xxx

  22. How amusing. Anonymous must be really jealous.
    Cat, I can't believe you are educated, successful, married AND have a social life (let's not forget how gorgeous you are). Oh the horror *rolls eyes* .

    Lots of love to you
    Nannous xoxo

  23. Haha! Yes, it is impossible to be successful AND have interests and a happy family and social life, clearly.

    A xx

  24. No way was this post a question about how to action lots of different things efficiently- I read it as questioning the truth of Florence's career and saying that really she must be working part time or as a paralegal because "everyone" who is a lawyer is time poor.

    The notion that you can't maintain a marriage or serious relationship, a legal career, a blog and other activities is absurd- I know lots of people who disprove this theory. Yes it does become more difficult once you have babies or children but it can be done with a bit of organisation.

    I like the saying "if you want something done, give it to a busy person".

    Maybe Florence/Kate is skilled at balancing a career, hobbies and her relationship?

    You know you've got a wide reaching blog when the anon critics come out to post.

  25. Hi Cate, I hope you have been well! I have been absent from the blogging world for a bit due to work.

    Don't worry about the silly anonymous comments. I got one a while back basically lecturing me about salaries when I am sure the anonymous person leaving that comment has no idea about the industry I am in and the 6 years I have gone through at uni. In fact, I am thinking that perhaps that person isn't even from Australia at all.

    Long time followers of your blog will know how hard you have worked in the past.

    The comment, like you said, being anonymous and all, proves to be quite cowardly and ignorant.

  26. *scoff* That is ridiculous!
    I admire you for being able to post as regularly as you do whilst still maintaining a successful career. Sometimes I wish people would adopt the attitude ' if you don't have anything positive to say, don't say it at all'!!

  27. I don't think this person sounds jealous. I hate how as soon as anyone makes any kind of negative comment, the immediate response is "ooh she must be jealous she must have a really crap life and totally wants to be you because she is so jealous". Sometime people just plain don't like someone or something, no jealousy involved. Having said that, it did sound a bit nasty at the end, the person sounds like a bit of a drongo.

    I think that when you have a blog and put yourself out there, you have to expect that people will because naturally curious about your life. Cate I've never doubted that you are a lawyer, but sometimes I read other blogs and think "you say you're a student so how do you afford all of these expensive clothes and shoes?" or "do you really just not work and spend all your boyfriend's money on fugly crap just because it is designer? don't you feel bad?"

    Perhaps you could use this as an opportunity to tell us a bit more about your career. What kind of law do you practice? Are you a defender or prosecutor? And do you really need to give up so much of your life if you want to be successful? I currently work in the environmental/planning industry and have always wanted to do environmental law, but I am happy with my current life balance and have always been a bit put off by the legendary long long hours that I hear lawyers need to put in. I would be interested to hear about FF's career as well so maybe I will ask on her blog too.

  28. Hilarious! What a numpty.
    Isn't it actually a positive thing that Cate manages to separate her work life and her home life, Anonymous?
    As my mother says, if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything.

    To Cate, I love your blog and read religiously. I envy the loveliness of your hair in particular.
    Amy x

  29. I love how the few comments in support of anonymous comment are all anonymous themselves!

    That was one of the best nasty comments I've ever read - deffo deserved it's own post. It still surprises me that there are people out there who project their insecurities instead of admit to them.

    And barts, I think they sounded INCREDIBLY jealous.

  30. some people have too much time in their hands and instead of creating a pretty blog or cooking delicious meals... they bitch about other people who do just that in their spare time! If they spend less time worrying about how other people manage their time and just get on with their own life maybe they realise that it's not really that hard to believe.

    Unbelievable how some people can be so negative.

  31. Hey Cate - thought this link might be relevant for you.

    I feel sorry for anon - what a horrible life s/he must live to hate on someone... esp for what seem like a rather odd "issue".


  32. I'm never going to reveal what area of law I practice in! But it wouldn't matter what area I worked in or what i did for a living. i'd find the time to do stuff I liked. But hey that's just me.

  33. I cant believe anon put in that much effort just to write that ridiculous comment. :S

    Love your blog Cate :)