Friday, July 9, 2010

country girl...

I do consider myself a bit of a country girl - not that Wollongong is THAT small a town, but to Sydneysiders, it kind of is!

But the real genesis of this blog title comes from the fact that, after I'd dressed and left the house this morning, I realised I was almost entirely top-to-toe in Country Road - oops!

V and I headed into the local art gallery and saw the most AMAZING exhibition by Byron Bay artist James Guppy - it was magic realism at its best, we loved it.

Country Road tunic dress
Country Road cardigan
Country Road woollen tights
Country Road cable knit beanie
Rivers boots
Jag leather tote, with vintage silk scarf tied on
Tiffany&Co and Kerry Rocks necklaces

After the gallery, V and I ducked into Lee&Me for a coffee - well, he had a coffee, I had a hot pink! How cute is it?

Hope you are all having a lovely, relaxing weekend!


  1. Love this warm, casual yet chic ensemble <3

  2. Cute outfit - looks snuggly. I smile though, Wollongong must be a lot warmer than Melbourne in the winter - I wear about five layers!
    And I love this Hot Pink drink! Very clever :)
    Tell me - do you tell the cafes you frequent about your blog? I think they'd love to see your blog! Fraus Cafe staff enjoyed my blog entry about them.

  3. That "Hot Pink" is the best thing I've ever seen. I'm SUPPOSED to be watching my sugar intake but pretty sure I am off to buy some strawberry marshmallows! What did it taste like? xo

  4. Heya just left you a meme on my blog :)

  5. OH MY GOD!!! That hot pink drink is the BEST... gah... I want one, it would look awesome in my Hello Kitty mug.

    I love the tan bag and scarf combo too, very chic.

  6. that Hot Pink drink looks delish. I live in Wollongong, and every time I'm in the city, I want to go drink/eat at Lee & Me but never have. But after seeing this drink, it is high on my list of things to do/cafe's to visit.

  7. What on earth is a hot pink?? I MUST KNOW!

    Love your blog - too cute for words.

  8. OMG guys the Hot Pink is the bestest thing ever! So yummy! V was tempted to order one but decided he would feel embarrassed as its so, well, pink! :D
    He did try a bit of mine and we decided it was made with strawberry topping/milkshake syrup with the milk all frothy and delish, and marshmallows - probably would be easy to do at home! I want another one now LOL

    Carly, I've never explicitly told any of the cafe owners about my blog - I know that when the lovely Foodwink did a feature on Lee&Me, she credited my blog as where she found them, and they posted her blog review on their Facebook page. Maybe I should tell them to follow me as they have a blog too!

    This is me - you have to visit Lee&Me! They do the best breakfasts in Wollongong in my humble opinion. Stoked to find another Wollongong blogger out there too! :)