Friday, July 23, 2010

happy birthday lee&me...

Today my favourite cafe, lee&me, celebrated their 2nd birthday! Hip hip hooray!

We joined in the celebrations with breakfast there this morning

The usual superior coffee was served...

Possibly the best breakfast I have ever eaten - hotcakes with marshmallows and Lindt chocolate chips, served with strawberries and honey butter. Yes, you did read that right. Pure bliss on a plate

And even though it was their birthday, lee&me provided gifts to their guests! Yummy homemade muffins with thankyou notes - sweet!

In other news, today was Lifeline's Stress Down Day - did you wear your ugg boots or slippers to work?


  1. OH MY GOD. I want to lick the screen showing those hotcakes. Happy birthday to lee&Me!

  2. I wore my hoodie to work yesterday for Stress Down Day.
    And your breakfast looks amazing!!!!

  3. That is possibly the best breakfast I've ever had the pleasure of living vicariously through. Yum!