Wednesday, July 21, 2010

pieces of wednesday...

Okies, so I was up in the Sydney office this morning and back to the local office after lunch on the train, meaning a fairly rushed day, so this is slightly fragmented and consists of random images of my Wednesday...

Treated myself to lunch (BEST salmon, cheese and cucumber roll evah!), and a coffee and Frankie mag...

Yes, I am sitting in Starbucks and drinking their coffee - the horror! Please not to judge me! haha

Hellooooo train! How I have missed you - not! I have to say, riding home at 2pm I really appreciated the beauty of the surrounding bushland. When you are coming home after dark and a full day, its a different experience

My computer kept crashing this afternoon, grrrrr - so I took some photos in my office. This is my kitten mug. I love him very much.

I went shopping in Lush today, yay! Stocked up on essentials

More essentials! Summer muesli for weekday breakfasts, Mountain muesli for weekend treats - best muesli ever!

Extreme excitement because this shot was taken at 5:10pm! We are through the dark times, people! Beautiful



  1. love these pics! reminds me I need to pick up some stuff from lush! xx

    PS. never read frankie before, any good?

  2. Looks like you had a lovely day :)

  3. i'm eating the gluten free whisk and pin at the moment.. (like right now!) and it's deelicious.
    i like starbucks coffee. their auto coffee machines are great baristas :P

  4. I'm really impressed by people who commute so far to work everyday. It really makes me grumpy! You must be loving working locally :))