Friday, July 30, 2010

mufti day and markets...

Today was mufti day at work - yay! Every second Friday we have mufti, and whilst some of the solicitors aren't really into it, I love it! The last few I have been in court, or have had to meet with clients, so I was very excited that today I got to participate.

Its been so cold here this week! Layers were the way to go

I was pretty casual today too - if you're going to do mufti, do it right! I wanted something comfy too for walking around the fresh food markets before work this morning. Boots were a necessity

Cotton On ballerina dress and stretchy scarf
Just Jeans yarn cardigan
Rivers boots
Jag leather tote

I may or may not have taken a granny-style wheely shopping bag to the markets this morning...

A few of my nommy market goodies...

Happy Friday all!


  1. I love the nanna trolley!! So much better for your shoulder, good on you for using one. Love the dress too it looks very cute.

  2. I love your mufti outfit and your stash from the markets looks sooo good (yumm) xx

  3. Haha nanna trolleys are excellent. My mum bought one to take to our local markets, my dad loves giving her heaps about it. They are so handy though! Love the dress, did you get it recently? x

  4. Love the granny trolley! I really need to get one. I love my recycle bags though, one is shaped as a strawberry, which I love carrying around the markets. The bf thinks it's hilarious :)

    Cute mufti outfit! I would love to wear that, but it's suddenly become summer again in Brisbane.

  5. i love my nanna trolley!! I find it very handy.
    Once D used it and some girls said " nice trolley" and giggled at him.
    poor D.
    i guess guys cant rock the nanna trolley like the girls can.

  6. We need a nanna trolly just like that for the markets! Where did you find it? We haven't been able to track one down yet. It looks like it has some sort of fancy-pants ergonomic handle for serious marketeering :)

  7. Thanks guys! The nana trolley came from our local Bunnings. I really want a pink one! :D

    TeacupGrunge, the dress is currently in-stock at Cotton On, I have it in black also, I love it, its probably the most flattering dress I've ever owned. And its only $25, bargain!

  8. I get so excited about fresh food! I didn't bring my car over with me when I moved over to Melb from Tas so I've been thinking about getting a nanna trolley but am still undecided! I like yours though!