Saturday, August 21, 2010

berry, bowral, berrima...

This morning V and I headed out to vote nice and early (gah, the effort of voting below the line, I tell you!), then we drove down to Berry to begin a south coast adventure day...

Where else but the Berry Sourdough Bakery for breakfast? At least we made it there in time for breakfast today!

Mmmmm gigantic bowl of coffee...

I was feeling nostalgic, and went for the eggs and soldiers - don't laugh, V already did!

V didn't feel like a big brekky, so he kept it simple with sourdough toast and freshly-made lemon curd. The lemon curd was so freaking amazing I kept stealing it from his plate with my spoon, until we had to ask the waitress to bring us another serve of it.

After breakfast, we wandered around Berry for a few hours and then found ourselves outside the newly opened Berry Tea Shop.

This place is seriously fantastic! The decor is gorgeous, the staff are lovely and friendly, and the tea and edible goodies are amazing!

Check out the cake selection! We were sadly far too full to try, but we did enjoy looking at them - so pretty!

They had a really great range of tea - we sampled some nice herbal teas, and bought some to take home with us also. The Jasmine Dragon Tears was notably a standout!

And of course they stock all the necessary tea-time paraphernalia - these are London Pottery Co teapots. We bought a 6-cup pot, in a gorgeous chocolately-brown shade, aptly named a 'Brown Betty'. Love.

Great motto - I want this for my office!

After our cups of tea, we left Berry and drove on to Bowral, approximately an hour inland. It was lunchtime by the time we arrived, and we decided to eat at the Elephant Boy cafe - popular with the locals, serving fantastic fresh foods and home-made sweets, you may need to wait for a table, but its worth it! (Note: check out the hilarious menus if you visit - they had us in stitches!)

My spinach, fetta and pine nut tart - so, so delicious, served with salad and a truly amazing chutney

V ordered the salmon and potato fish cakes - no wait, make that fish CAKE. Just one, but gigantic! It got two thumbs up also.

After lunch we jumped back in the car and drove to Berrima - I had really been wanting to visit this amazing florist/home decor store, Twigg & Blossom, after seeing it in Notebook magazine.

Again, we were confronted with yummy cakes and sweet treats, and were too full to try anything!

They were selling some gorgeous-looking fresh produce and pretty little plants...

The flowers were absolutely stunning!

Roses, sweet peas, freesia, lilies - it all smelt so gorgeous

V bought me a posy - nawwww! So, so beautiful

On a side note, boy was I not prepared for how cold it was going to be down the coast today! Berry was quite nice and temperate, but Bowral was cold and Berrima was absolutely FREEZING! We jumped back into the car quick sticks, and drove on to our next place of interest...

Ahhhhh, bibliophiles' heaven! The Book Barn at Berrima - I could spend hours and hours in this place, browsing through all the new and second-hand books. Bliss.

Thought I had better throw in a quick outfit post too - as I mentioned above, I was definitely not dressed warmly enough for the Southern Highlands today!

Cotton On ballerina dress
Cotton On longline cardigan
Correli leather biker boots
Oroton sunglasses
Sportsgirl bag
Tiffany&Co heart-tag necklace with Kerry Rocks key charm added

We ended up driving back to Bowral and went and checked out the Bald Archies exhibition at the Milk Factory Gallery - so, so funny, highly recommend! And I had this uncontrollable NEED for a hot chocolate with whipped cream...

I look pretty tired out in this shot - hey, it was a long day! Long but heaps of fun.

Hope you are all having lovely weekends!


  1. You're so pretty Cate, you don't look tired at all! You should post face shots more often :)) we were thinking of spending a weekend down at the Southern Highlands in September and your photos are making me even more excited!!!

  2. sounds like my idea of a perfect saturday. i love the mugs/cups in the window of the tea show and i too read about twigg & blossom in notebook :)
    thx for posting xxox

  3. We used Twigg and Blossom for our wedding flowers.
    We were actually very disappointed with their service :-(
    The flowers weren't that great on the day either :-(
    But it really is a lovely shop.
    I love Berry, Bowral & Berrima! All such beautiful places. No wonder we got married in Bowral!

  4. I want your weekend! That looks like such an amazing day, especially the tea shop and book barn.

    You can get those gorgeous Keep Calm posters here. Love the colour choices!

  5. Looks like u had a beautiful day Cat , I now have to visit the book barn one day it looks huge and the tea shop in Berry looked sooooooooooooo cute :D

  6. I loved reading this blog entry - you had a great day. The posy was beautiful. And you are gorgeous - sorry it was so cold!

  7. Not related to this post, but I just want to say a big thank you to the last comment you left on my blog. It really brightened up my day!


    ps. That bunch of flowers is gorgeous!!!

  8. what a fabulous day you had! i love perfect days like that xo

  9. oh so sweet V - naww gorgeous flowers sweets

    looks like you had a fantabulous day


  10. Yum, freshly made lemon curd! I would have been stealing it too!

    I like those gladd cake stands too - if I had more bench space in my kitchen I might try and source one to keep some baked goodies in (though something tells me they wouldn't last too long displayed like that!)

  11. lovely teapots!! great post