Saturday, August 21, 2010

lazy sunday...

We did a whole lot of not much today, after the excitement of yesterday's south coast adventure. But I sometimes find that the nicest way to spend a Sunday is chilling out on the sofa with the papers and copious pots of coffee.

I was aiming for a bit of an Alexa Chung look, with the striped top and denim - not sure I pulled it off though, oh well.

Cotton On striped top and chambray skirt
Tony Bianco patent leather flats
FCUK quilted leather bag
Oroton sunglasses

My posy from Twigg&Blossom - they smell absolutely divine! I have vowed to have fresh flowers in the house all the time, from this point on.

Our new Brown Betty teapot, from the Berry Tea Shop - so cute!

Happy Sunday all!


  1. I love your blog! I too love having fresh flowers in the house, there really is nothing better. They can sometimes be so expensive though that I started to grow my own fragrant florals! So much fun.

  2. Great outfit - stripes suit you. You have inspired me to wear my (Valley Girl) chambray skirt too. As I said, Cotton On has awesome stuff. I may need to wean myself off Temt to buy more Cotton On!

    Glad you had a lovely weekend - I did too.

  3. Happy Sunday to you too lovely! Your outfit is tres Alexa Chung :) and the flowers look gorgeous, what a great colour combination! xo

  4. Cute outfit and great blooms. How exciting was the election?

  5. Love the outfit! Definitely pulled it off well :) The flowers are gorgeous, would love to have gorgeous flowers in my house all the time, alas my budget does not stretch :(

  6. I nominate you for the Sweet Friend Award.
    Everything you post makes me smile.


  7. You look so beautiful! Love this casual look s much xx

  8. LOVE your look! I'm such a huge fan of Cotton On! :)

    Jennifer and Sherry

  9. You pull off that outfit so well, you rock the slouchy top look! I wish I could wear it that well. Gorgeous flowers :)

  10. Ps - there is an award for you on my blog :) x

  11. ooh- yay you have flowers! i didn't get any this week as i had to spend the entire weekend at uni in victoria. poo.