Friday, August 27, 2010

i heart...

... my new heart-print shorts! (Although I must confess, my sister bought them first, I'm such a copycat!)

Picked them up from Sportsgirl yesterday - grabbed a white, oversize top to try on with them, and V really loved the whole outfit and told me to get the shorts AND the top. I needed no further encouragement!

They are so cute! I am going to absolutely wear them to death this summer, I can tell.

I actually think this outfit would look even better with little white ankle socks with a frill around them, but would you believe I couldn't find a pair ANYWHERE? Shame on the retailers of Wollongong for being so dreadfully behind the fashion times! I will have to order some online...

Sportsgirl heart-print shorts and top
Levante knee-socks
Tony Bianco wedge sandals
Jag leather tote
Cotton On sunglasses

V and I did our usual lee&me weekend breakfast this morning - the light was really glare-y so I didn't take many shots

Yummy yummy toasted granola with cranberries and apricots, served with fresh fruit, yoghurt and milk - soooooo good!

Happy Saturday all!


  1. Gorgeous outfit! I was eyeing those shorts in Sportsgirl the other day but didn't get them as I didn't think I could pull them off. I'm thinking twice now after seeing how good you look in them!

    And those shoes! *drool* These are at the top of my wishlist at the moment! They look great on you :)

  2. I love those shorts!!

    I don't even remember how I came across your blog, but I love it when you come up in my dashboard as posting something new!
    I go to uni in Wollongong, (live in Sydney, so totally understand the long train rides) and am studying law! You're so cool!

  3. I love this outfit as much as you do. You are awesomely stylish, Cate.

  4. Those shorts are awesome, they suit you perfectly! :)


  5. the shorts are awesome.
    that's a nice big pot you've got there. whatcha gonna plant in it?

  6. Those shorts look great on you! :) Very jealous as I am in love with them although they are not flattering on me.

  7. This outfit is so sweet! Agree it would be perfect in warmer weather with little white ankle socks. I am still looking for a pair with a frill too and can only find them online :s x Sushi

  8. Loving the wedges and the shorts! The weather there must be awesome atm!

  9. I love your style! I'm a big fan of pointing out styles I love on a daily basis. Your blog is great. And it's nice to hear you are a Jo Malone fan. I work in their PR offices in New York.

  10. Those shorts are so cute - now I want them too! Love your new Tony Bianco wedges too. They look very high, but are they still comfy?