Friday, August 27, 2010

because sometimes you have to spoil yourself, just a little...

I have officially found the perfect pair of spring-time sandals...

From Tony Bianco of course, where else do I buy my shoes from? (Obsessed much!) Lovelovelove these SO much, I think they will be so cute with a little minidress and a pair of white cotton socks with lace trim.

As I was in Sydney today (settled a client's matter, woohoo!), I went into David Jones, naturally. And I went over to the Jo Malone counter, naturally.

And I caved and bought myself a new bottle of her divine French Lime Blossom cologne. This was my wedding fragrance and whenever I wear it now I am instantly transported back to my wedding day. Its such a deliciously fresh, light floral scent, I absolutely love it.

Image Courtesy of Google Images

In other exciting news, I have to confess to a new addiction - I have recently discovered the joy of watching tv episodes on my iPhone to while away the long, boring 2-hour commute to Sydney (whilst I no longer commuter daily thank god, there is still the occasional day where I am required to be in Sydney for work). In preparation for last week's train trip I downloaded an episode of The Rachel Zoe Project - and I am completely obsessed! Its SO trashy but I love it! The fashion is absolutely amazing (I die! LOL), and I love the drama of every episode - will Brad and Taylor ever be able to work together? Will the "hero" dresses arrive in time for awards night? Will our good buddy Karl let Rachel alter the pink Chanel for Cameron????? The suspense!!! Absolutely trash-tastic, I love it.

I am so thrilled that Friday has rolled around again so fast, I hope you all have beautiful weekends planned!


  1. Love love the sandals, the colour is such a gorgeous rich tan :) The Jo Malone fragrance sounds divine, I've only tried a few but I love them! Glad to see you're on the RZ bandwagon, that show is such a guilty pleasure of mine :)

  2. Ooh your shoes look lovely. Bring on sandal weather! And what a lovely wedding scent. Hmm, that makes me think about getting one for myself too...xo

  3. Everything Old is New Again! I have those sandals too - except my version are Prada from S/S 02!! And I bought them for 60 Euros - an insanely good bargain. Must dig them out for this summer!

    I too had a Jo Malone fragrance for my wedding day - Red Roses. Her perfumes are just too luscious for words!

  4. I am addicted to Rachel Zoe. She is bananas amazing.

  5. Looove the shoes, perfectly gorgeous. They'll go with everything. I've never watched the rachel zoe project! Maybe i'll get onto it after i've finished with the australia's next top model cycle 4 re runs i've been watching obsessively the last few days hehe :) x

  6. love the shoessssssss... I wanted to get that but TB but have to save up a bit first haha.