Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tuesday tidbits...

Another Tuesday been and gone. Today was quite lovely, weather-wise, so I went for a walk during my lunch break and was suckered into buying a cute pair of black leather slouchy ankle boots on sale - kind of feminine/biker style, if there is such a thing. Such are the perils of walking during your lunch break! Consider yourselves warned!

Hooray for my hair finally being back to its freshly-dyed, red state - my hairdresser is a genius. Not sure what is going on with my hand in this photo...

Country Road shirt
Cue skirt
Tony Bianco heels
Diva necklace

V and I were both kind of hungry when we got home this evening (seeing as he runs home, he has an excuse haha) - so I made some guacamole as a snack. Mmmmm, with sourdough bread soldiers, so good

V picked some lavender for me on the way home from work tonight - so sweet! I really want to start having fresh flowers around the house, I think they're very cheering and good for the soul. Plus the smell fantastic! The lovely Holly buys fresh flowers at the markets every weekend, and she has inspired me to start doing this myself - stay tuned for bunches of fresh flowers this weekend!



  1. Love this outfit! I adore your corporate dressing, it's so delicate :) So sweet of V to pick you lavender.

  2. 1. your hair looks wicked
    2. flowers hand picked = <3
    3. you called me lovely!

  3. We have been picking lavender off next doors bush and putting it in little vases like yours for the past few weeks! Smells devine!

  4. Hi, I just tagged you with a blog award. You can come check it out here :



  5. Love your skirt!

    Love Ms Stef...

  6. Love your blog - took me over a week (at work, ha!) to read it from start to finish; I thought you're a natural red head! =)

  7. Guac looks delish. I love making it but always end up eating half an avocado as I go x

  8. Love the outfit and the lavender. I think it's super sweet that you've made his and hers guacamole snacks :)

  9. Lovely blog and I love your outfit!



  10. I love the lavender. I would love to have fresh flowers in my apartment, but my cat always finds them and eats them, so I don't indulge myself with fresh flowers inside.

  11. i always try to have fresh flowers in my apartment too! although my vase has been empty for ~3 weeks now :( it's just so nice - it brightens everything. lavender smells divine, and i dont often think to pick it. what a sweet husband you have. fresh rosemary is nice in that way too

    Heidi xo