Monday, August 16, 2010

random photos and moo goo review...

Wow, have I been a bad blogger lately! Lots going on right now, all good stuff (mostly haha) - I promise I'll be better this week!

I do have a couple of shots from the weekend...

Sunday morning coffees...

And breakfast - blueberry hotcakes served with toffee nut sauce and vanilla bean ricotta. Gah, I need to get off the sweets! I am actually eyeing up one of the fantastic juice detoxes at Urban Remedy, so stay tuned for further news on that!

See my pretty bracelet! My lovely MIL has just returned from a trip in Europe and bought me this stunning silver and Murano glass bracelet in Venice - I love it! I couldn't quite capture how lovely it is in a photo, the colour is like sea mist, shot with silver.

So its been a week since I started using the Moo Goo haircare range, and I am officially in love with this stuff!

The shampoo smells unbelievably good, and I love that it doesn't lather up - I know many people like a shampoo that gives good froth, but I find that anything lather-y tends to try and strip my hair. So I loved that the Moo Goo shampoo just gently cleanses my hair, without leaving it feeling dry or over-cleansed. My hair felt really nourished, but definitely clean.

The conditioner smells equally lovely, and its possibly one of the best, most moisturising conditioners I've ever used. I have veeeery dry, thick hair, plus being coloured, so it needs a very rich conditioner, and very few conditioners are good enough. The Moo Goo stuff is the bomb! It didn't take much for my hair to be coated nicely, and it rinsed out leaving my hair feeling SO soft, and shinyshinyshiny! V keeps running his hands through my hair and telling me how nice it smells - bonus!


  1. I'm definitely going on a hunt for this shampoo and conditioner hair is quite similar to yours (thick and relatively dry, with colour) and this sounds just devine!!


  2. I haven't tried Moo Goo! Will have to look into it! That bracelet is lovely - I adore Murano glass... Such a special gift from someone who clearly knows you very well.

  3. oooh this is very cheesey *and wee bit shameful* of me but one of my favourite wheat beers is by Moo Brew... so I've just got to get my haircare Moo Goo!? :P (thanks for the heads up, my hair type sounds similar too so I'd love to try..)

  4. What a beautiful bracelet, lucky you to have an MIL with such great taste!!! :D