Saturday, September 4, 2010

anniversary dinner...

Last night V and I went out to Caveau restaurant to celebrate our 2-year wedding anniversary - yay! Without a doubt this is my favourite, favourite restaurant to go to for a special occasion dinner and last night was absolutely fantastic.

We did the degustation - 7 courses of deliciousness with matched wines. And caught a cab in and back again - 7 courses of wines = no drivey home!

We started out with a Kir Royale - for anniversaries, pink bubbles are kind of important, I think. Sadly my iPhone hasn't captured these photos too well, as it is quite dimly lit inside, but the glasses are all monogrammed with the restaurant name - so classy, love it.

Herb crusted loin and tartare of Kingfish, spanner crab and chilled linguini

Pan fried Palmers Island mulloway with prawn tortellini, crushed peas and prawn butter

Cheese plate with fruit and homemade walnut bread. Unfortunately not all the courses were photographed - as the night wore on and we had more and more to drink, the camera skills began to decline accordingly, and the meals were being eaten too quickly for photos anyway!

Vanilla creme brulee with strawberry and macadamia financier, with strawberry sorbet. This was served with THE most delicious French desert wine - V finished his first and was trying to bargain for the rest of my glass. I wasn't budging - and then the waitress came over and refilled both our glasses. Score!

Rose&Ruby silk and lace dress
Tony Bianco heels

Hope you all had a fantastic Saturday night, and are enjoying the weekend!


  1. Gorgeous :) Blush is such a gorgeous colour on you!

    That dinner looks absolutely divine, I really need to find a nice degustation menu in Brisbane. Congrats on your anniversary lovely x

  2. Congratulations on your 2 years! The dinner sounds amazing and you look absolutely lovely in that outfit, such a beautiful dress. x

  3. Dear Florence

    Love your frock, where's you source it?

  4. Beautiful dress! I'm seriously in love with it. It looked like an amazing dinner :)
    Heidi xo

  5. Happy anniversary to you both!
    Agreed - blush is your colour.
    If I am ever in your area, I want to go shopping with you :)

  6. Happy anniversary! I adore Caveau.. I held my hubby's 30th bday dinner there and was divine.

  7. *GOSH* that dress is amazing <3 so beautiful on you! Happy anniversary :)

  8. Such a beautiful outfit, you pull off the colour so well!