Sunday, September 5, 2010

stripes on sunday...

This morning I made french toast for breakfast. Yes, by some miracle of digestion we were both hungry this morning, even after last night's feast

Lots of organic strawberries!

Mmmmmm nom nom - nothing beats real Camp maple syrup

Total outfit repeat today, but I was too tired and relaxed to try and be creative

Despite the sun it was pretty chilly, so it was tights all the way today

Cotton On skirt and striped top
Tony Bianco "Maya" ballet flats
Oroton sunglasses

Then I made some brownies with mini m&m's on top. Because, you know, its not like I'd eaten enough already this weekend! :)


  1. Looks and sounds delish! V jealous of those brownies. X

  2. What an indulgent weekend :)
    Repeat outfit is a great one too!

  3. sighs!
    i enjoy swooning over your lovely pictures!
    they are all kinds of fancy!
    thanks for sharing them with the world!

  4. This french toast looks divine!! you have totally inspired my breakfast plans for tomorrow. yum :D

  5. mmm French toast with strawberries, yum! That reminds me, I need to blog about my adventures attempting to make deep fried French toast (Short story - it is decadent but delicious!)

  6. the french toast looks delicious and I love your skirt! xx