Saturday, September 25, 2010

diggin' diggies cafe...

Today V and I woke up to the sounds of birds in the garden, and little rays of sunshine peeping in our bedroom windows - Spring is well and truly here! To celebrate, we headed to the beach, to enjoy the sunshine and grab brunch at Diggies cafe

I love a restaurant that does all-day brunch! And the brunch menu at Diggies is pretty awesome

And how stunning is the view! Nothing like eating breakfast facing the ocean...

Freshly squeezed OJ, mmmm

V and I shared today - we had the blueberry buttermilk hotcakes with banana and maple syrup

And the "Happy Days" - poached egg, bacon and tomatoes on toasted sourdough, served with asparagus and rocket, topped with parmesan

We went for a nice, long ramble-y walk along the beach

The sky was so gorgeously blue - those teeny dots are skydivers!

I love relaxed, beach-style dressing...

Is it weird that I really like how pale my skin looks in these photos? (lots of SPF people!)

Esprit maxi dress
Tony Bianco gladiator sandals
Jag leather tote
Oroton sunglasses
Diva assorted silver and wooden bangles

Happy Sunday all!


  1. I'd love to know what sunscreen you use for body/face! Am currently on the lookout for HG sunscreen >< <3

  2. gorgeous! your skin is amazing!

  3. Wow!! The food looks amazing- I'm drooling over the hotcakes. You are so lucky that you can eat yummy food and stay looking fantastic- I'm jealous :)

  4. Those hotcakes look amazing. I need more places near me that do amazing pancakes/hotcakes. Love your skin. You're a great SPF role model! :P I will try to be more like you, as sometimes I (eep) forget to wear sunscreen!
    Heidi xo

  5. I ate those hotcakes last weekend when I went skydiving with my boyfriend!! They're delicious!!

  6. oh wow that all looks so so yum hun - we have to come for brunch again soon

    you know how much I love your vampire skin :D

    love the dress too hun - really suits you

    love always


  7. Gorgeous outfit Cate and beautiful shots. can i ask, do you use an SLR? I love Wollongong, lucky you :)

  8. You have perfect skin.
    I saw a pic of Florence (sans Machine) in Triple J mag, and she'd stolen her pose right from this blog! She was trying to be you!

  9. I love Diggies!!! and those blueberry hotcakes are to die for. I was actually down at Diggies today, only went to the kiosk (which has amazing bircher muesli with stewed fruits)