Friday, September 24, 2010

sunshine, fun times...

Welcome to the weekend! And such a beautiful weekend it has been so far - lovely and warm, and wonderfully relaxing

Yesterday's market haul - I was so excited to find bunches of irises AND lilies, gorgeous!

This morning V and I had brekky at lee&me (I know, *yawn* haha)

Mmmmmm scrambled eggs infused with white truffle oil, seriously to die for

Today it was definitely pretty-little-dress type weather!

Rodarte for Target tulle dress
Tony Bianco "maya" ballet flats
Cotton On sunnies

Another awkward cross-legged pose - seriously, did someone break me off at the knees?!

Aaaaaand pose!

V bought me this gorgeous Wish "sharker" dress today - I love it! I've never owned a strapless dress before (I kind of lack the, ahem, assets for them!), but this one just fits me so perfectly and looks really fantastic on. I think I have found my "spring party season" dress!

Aaaaand then I made these amazing raspberry and dark-chocolate muffins from Stonesoup - I know the ingredients look a little daunting in number, but its such an easy recipe

Sooooo yummy!

Hope you are all having lovely, sunny Saturdays!


  1. Gorgeous! I adore this dress on you. And I really need to go to lee&me, the food looks divine :) So do your muffins, I would whip some up, but I just made some jam drops for the bf and I.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  2. That dress is really lovely! Great outfit :)

  3. I agree, this dress on you is just gorgeous. So ethereal :)
    The eggs look really yummy, as do those muffins! Scrumptious, thanks for the link. Love the use of yoghurt.
    Happy weekend!
    Heidi xo

  4. Gorgeous dress! Thanks for the muffin link - they look divine! I'm going to make them these holidays. xo

  5. I love that dress on you it is gorgeous, perfect for springtime!

    The dress from wish is so pretty...What a lovely gift.
    And the muffins look yummy too. Nothing better than raspberries and dark chocolate...

  6. Hey lovely thing, I am still stalking your blog and loving your posts - they're so cheerful and sweet! <3

    You look beautiful in the oh-so-floaty Rodarte for T dress! And guess what, I have your shoes too, except in maroon! Woo :) x Deb