Saturday, September 11, 2010

sunday at the beach...

Today we drove down to the beach and soaked up some of the gorgeous weather...

We went for a nice, relaxing walk along the waterfront, and bought some fresh deep sea perch for dinner

And we stopped off at a cafe and grabbed a drink

Crown lager for V, a French Martini for me

Very refreshing!



  1. I love your blog! It's so pretty and upbeat and I always enjoy reading about the lovely things you get up to on the weekends. Have a great week. M x

  2. Deep sea perch is also known as orange roughy, and is on a number of 'do not eat' lists from various conservation organisations (including Greenpeace) as it is fished at a highly unsustainable rate! A fish to avoid having on your dinner plate I think.

  3. Barts, I did not know that at all! I know that orange roughy is a no-no, but didn't realise that deep sea perch WAS orange roughy! Thanks for the heads-up, and I will try to avoid that species in future - do you happen to know of any good lists/links that tell you which species are best to eat in terms of sustainability?

  4. Mmm that martini looks tasty :) You always have such lovely, fun-filled weekends! xx

  5. What a lovely day!
    Your weekends looks SO relaxing.
    And you always look gorgeous.
    Have a great week xx

  6. you forgot to put a rundown of your outfit