Friday, September 17, 2010

whale of a time...

Today has been such a lovely, relaxing Saturday. I've been out for the count most of this week with a really nasty bout of bronchitis - new experience for me, not much fun. I kept having nightmares I was drowning, and waking up gasping for air! I am feeling a million times better now, thank goodness

I had an early morning physio appointment today at the gym around the road, which V walked me to, and then he went to the gym while I was being pummeled and massaged and TENS'd.

And then, as we were feeling energetic, we walked into town and had a late breakfast at lee&me

Mmmmm coffee...

Predictable me got the blueberry hotcakes with sweetened ricotta and toffee-nut sauce...

V got the breakfast special - truffle-infused scramble eggs served on sourdough toast, with fried ham, tomatoes and baby spinach. Ohhh my goodness, I had serious food envy over this! I ate about half the eggs off his plate, they were SO fantastic! Absolutely delicious. The waitress told us these babies will be on their regular menu as of next week - I know what I'm ordering for breakfast next weekend!

V bought me a bunch of wildflowers - they smell SO amazing

Eeeeee my new whale-print dress! I love animal-print clothes, and I love whales - perfect!

Urban Outfitters whale-print dress
Williams slouchy leather ankle boots
Oroton sunglasses

Tonight, we are heading out for dinner at our fave little Italian restaurant with some good friends we haven't seen in ages and ages - will be so lovely to catch up.

What have you all been up to today? I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!


  1. Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Hope you feel better. You dress is cute as! Love the navy colour. Those flowers are gorgeous - I have a big bunch that my parents picked up for me this morning from the local growers since I've been sick too - they cheered me right up!

  2. I love wildflowers and that bunch is just beautiful.

  3. I get serious food envy when ever you post about that cafe. I really should make the trip down and try it sometime!

  4. Gorgeous dress! all the food looks amazing xx

  5. Your whale dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it!!!
    And glad you are feeling better :)

  6. I dont blame you for being predictable - those hotcakes look incredible! Love the flowers too :)
    Being sick is yuck - glad you're feeling better!
    Heidi xo

  7. weekends of flowers and breakfasts are the bestest things!