Saturday, October 9, 2010

at the seaside, seaside...

The weather this weekend has just been so lovely and warm, and today was perfectly sunny into the bargain - V and I just couldn't stay inside on such a gorgeous day!

We ducked into lee&me for some coffee and breakfast...

V had the granola with fruit and yoghurt

I had the buttermilk hotcakes with raspberry and honey ricotta, bananas and maple syrup - even managed to finish the whole thing, go me!

After brekky, we drove to the beach and went for a wander...

I got a bit freaked out by the apparent bluebottle CONVENTION being held at Towradgi beach - seriously, have you ever seen so many of the little buggers? This was only one teeny section of sand. We ended up turning around and walking along the bike/bush trail instead

Supre harem pants
Country Road tee
Tony Bianco gladiator sandals
Oroton sunglasses
Hat from Byron Bay
Sportsgirl tote

Hope you have all had lovely, relaxing weekends!


  1. oh wow those pancakes look amaaaazing! i bet they know you guys by name in that cafe lol

  2. Yum! We had almost the same breakfast this morning. I whipped up buttermilk pancakes with shredded coconut and banana. Served with raspberries and maple syrup. Great tummies think a like :)

    Cute hat! I really wish our terrible weather in Bris would let up, it's been pouring/cold/windy all weekend.

  3. Lovely post, I want to go to Lee&Me- it always looks so appetising in your pics! X

  4. I always feel glamorous in a nice big hat/large tote combo- even on the beach

    Urgh to the blue bottles, looks like a mass suicide.

  5. Oh, granola and yogurt and fruit. The perfect weekend breakfast!

  6. Heya
    long time no blog. Is everything ok. Hope you're having a fantastic weekend. :)

  7. you have such a great blog, i like these type of ''follow me around'' blogs