Saturday, October 9, 2010

date night...

Last night V and I went out on a date (yes, married couples can do this!)

I am loving how light and warm it is in the evenings now!

Supre harem pants
Bassike tee
Tony Bianco heels
Oroton sunglasses
Mimco magazine clutch

Vegetarian dips platter for two, so good! I love a guacamole that is actually real guacamole (ie made of avocados and not "watered down" with sour cream)

Mmmmmm mojitos...

V had the prawn fajitas. My meal was a bean burrito but, whilst it was absolutely delicious, it wasn't exactly the most photogenic meal shall we say, so I'll leave that one to your imaginations



  1. you look great, i like how you can see your shadows on the footpath!

  2. cute outfit! and love the dinner choice! Mexican is always awesome! xxxx

  3. I was eyeing off the Supre harem pants, and they look really good on you.
    And I would love to meet up for a coffee sometime, thank you so much for the offer! (Or even a mojito!)
    Would be good to meet someone new in Wollongong

  4. Yum! That food looks so good :) And loving the supre harem pants, I think I might go and get myself a pair, they look really gorgeous on you :)

  5. Those harem pants look amazing on you - which ones from Supre are they? I pounced on the website after reading your post but was confused which ones they were :/

  6. of course married couples can have dates. i think they must!
    must locate some of those cool palm tree squizzle sticks.

  7. We go on dates too, and especially like to organise surprise dates for one another :) That tee looks really nice. You make me I think I have been underrating Basssike this whole time... need to get my hands on some!

  8. Ohh! Are the pants currently in store? They looks so pretty on...I want a pair! You look lovely as always :-)

  9. Thanks lovelies!
    The Supre pants are indeed currently in-store. They cost $35 and they are the rayon ones, slightly thicker and more styled than the slub cotton-style ones (which resembled trackpants really)

    Bonsai - bassike is the bomb! I source all my basic tees from them, but go to their website and wait for their frequent 50% off sales so you can pick them up for around $40 ;)

  10. Yummers <3 I am so desperately in need of a date night *sigh*

  11. Love the outfit! Date nights are the best :)
    Heidi xo

  12. You look fabulous. So glad you're feeling better too.
    I love Mexican food.

  13. Cate you have the best outlook on life sometimes, and a lifestyle to be jealous of! You always seem so under control and happy. I love visiting your blog :)