Friday, November 5, 2010

its good to be back! and photos from the past fortnight...

I'm back, baby! The tech-heads at the Apple store replaced precious laptop's hard-drive and everything seems to be working perfectly (touch wood!). And wow, have I missed blogging!

These are just a very few snaps from the past fortnight's activities...

We went out to dinner to celebrate my Dad's birthday - Happy (belated Birthday) Dad!

Not quite warm enough for a dress...

Rose&Ruby dress
Secret Squirrel silk sash
Lolita jacket
Tony Bianco heels
Sportsgirl bag

V and I had coffee at lee&me...

And we had a pizza party with my family - pizzas cooked on the BBQ (on stone bases)

Mmmmm too good to share...

"My name is Hercules, and I am utterly adorable. Feed me your pizza!"

Artisan pizza shovel thingy, wielded by an expert (aka Dad)

The potato and rosemary one is particularly good!

And finally, V bought me flowers this week - to say thanks for helping him in the job search. He's loving the work (not so much the 4:30am starts!), but is very happy.

Hope you are all having gorgeous, gorgeous Saturdays! Stayed tuned for MUCH more posting in the days to come! (Can anyone say withdrawals? haha)


  1. Great post - the dress, the roses, the dog - all beautiful. And now I want a pizza shovel for our BBQ - mmm pizza.

  2. Those roses are divine. They go so well with the beautiful Rose and Ruby dress!

    Glad to see both you and the puter are back!

  3. Hercules is soooo cute!! I adore dachshunds!

  4. the dress is so gorgeous on you!
    i love that jacket/cardi. precious!
    so happy that v has a new job. i hope is happy there. the flowers are lovely.
    happy weekend <3
    p.s. mum said there is a package waiting for me at their house.. exciting!

  5. Those roses are stunning!!!! Yayayayyaa for flowers given with love!!!! You look perfect in that lovely pink dress. So glad you're back. xox

  6. Those pizzas look fantastic. And what a perfect way to cook them, too.

  7. you looked absolutely beautiful in that outfit.

    just saying :)

  8. welcome back!
    congrats to V on the job!
    love the pizza party on the bbq - we are looking into a gasmate oven at the moment but the BBQ seems like a great solution. shame we don't have a hood on the bbq.
    have a lovely weekend xxox

  9. I love your Rose&Ruby dress! & little Hercules is far too adorable :) Happy to have you back! Lovely flowers. You always give great flower inspiration.
    Heidi xo

  10. I've missed you! I love those flowers, you lucky girl.
    Ang xxx

  11. Great to see you back!! The roses look divine and the pizza looks sooo yummy x Great to see you wearing the Rose & Ruby dress

  12. Love the jacket - it suits you perfectly!

    Those flowers are scrumptious. Lucky lady!