Saturday, November 6, 2010

lazy summer sunday...

The weather was SO gorgeous today, finally a real summer's day! Perfect for a long, slow walk around the neighbourhood

This elderly Greek gentleman has the most amazing fruit trees in his backyard! Figs and apricots and peaches and mulberries.... Posing here in front of one of the mulberry trees

I am such a nana in summer - SPF, a hat and covering clothes are essential! I adore this hat because it shades not only my face, but my neck, back and decolletage as well

Just Jeans dress
Tony Bianco sandals
Oroton sunglasses
Byron Bay Bag Co hat

Gorgeous summer's day drawing to a close

Shadows of me and V...

Happy Sunday to all in Blogland!


  1. hurrah! great to see you back :)
    congrats to V on his job!
    and i salute you for protecting yourself against the sun. too many don't do this.
    you look lovely xx

  2. You look wonderfully relaxed - perfect on a sunny Sunday!

  3. Gorgeous dress and beautiful hat!! It really was a perfect day x

  4. Aww you look lovely! Wish I could enjoy a warm summer in Oz.

  5. cate! so a spring day is your perfect summer day? oh dear.
    in your shadow pic i can see a donkey riding a man. that's nothing to worry about, right?

  6. You look fantastic in a maxi, whenever I put one on I feel like a drowned rat :( I think it's my lack of height.

  7. Gorgeous AND the perfect reminder that I need to get a decent hat! :D

  8. I want that Greek Man's backyard!! Sounds like heaven! Great day, gorgeous dress - lovely.
    Heidi xo

  9. What a lovely day! I spent Sunday lazing by our pool with a magazine (and SPF and and towel over my shoulders, and nanna hat, hehe). I got my sunhat from Byron Bay Bag Co as well, it's great shop for hats. Mine is a straw fedora so not as sunsmart as yours :)

  10. I like a girl who is sunsmart and not afraid to flaunt it! Thanks for your extremely lovely comments, I'm glad I'm projecting the right pre-baby-body illusion! ;)