Wednesday, December 29, 2010

bring on 2011!

Happy Thursday to all in Blogland! I hope those of you currently on holidays are having a lovely, relaxing time - and to those of you working this week, I wish you a speedy Friday and bring on the weekend!

I am on holidays for this week and the next, and I am LOVING it! Having some free time (and being able to spend some with V, until he starts his new job) is blissful. Today was spent just chilling out, drinking coffee, and doing some food shopping (always enjoyable in my book)

Drinking my morning coffee, in my brand new Christmas mug from my sister, I noticed it exactly resembles a golf ball! Why do I have a golf ball you ask? Remember my boss' Christmas Eve bash? As well as all the food and drinkies, there were fancy crackers - and in those crackers were very fancy gifts - and I got a real, live golf ball! *cheers*
We've kept it, not because either of us are remotely interested in golf, but because the cats love chasing it around the floor

Between the hectic year we've had, and V's work commitments, we have decided to spend New Years Eve just relaxing at home, with fresh seafood and champagne. So today we had to stock up on supplies!

Locally grown produce from the markets - we think it is so important to be conscious of your "food miles" and try to shop locally wherever possible. Not only does it reduce carbon emissions, its nice to support local growers and producers

I'll give you guys the insider's tip - BEST seafood in the Illawarra, hands down! We picked up local lake prawns and some Sydney rock oysters for NYE

Now, I'm not superstitious - but I don't like leaving the Christmas tree and decorations up past New Years Eve. It just doesn't feel right to start the new year with last year's decorations still hanging around!

So I had to take some time today to pack everything away (I made V remove the tree - it had cobwebs in it! ewwww!) And it was really lovely to bring out all my usual decorations/photos/random thingys. Like greeting old friends. Very comforting. The wine decanter above has been especially missed!

Check out mah pugs! Yay! They are beyond adorable (and will do quite nicely until V finally cracks and buys me a real pug) I think I need names for them - any suggestions?

Soooo hot here today! Nice to get some summery weather for a change

Shilla top
Sewn shorts
Tony Bianco gladiator sandals
Jag leather satchel with Oroton scarf
Oroton sunglasses
Vintage Casion watch

Jade says hi - as I was sitting here blogging, two little feets popped into my face. Cute, in a weird kind of way (its a cat-person thing LOL)



  1. We had Sydney Rock Oysters for Christmas, they were GREAT! I think we may have got the same today for tomorrow night. Happy New Year lady!!

  2. Oh, hai Jade!

    I always thought "Brutus" was a great name for a pug. Or "Sebastian". I don't know why. I also always assume pugs are male until proven otherwise. These issues probaby go way back to my childhood, haha.

    Seafood for New Years sounds divine! We are gorging ourselves on a Greek Banquet at our local Greek family restaurant, then catching a movie at a cinema that happens to serve champagne and be at a prime location for fireworks-viewing. Our movie gets out at about 20 mins to midnight, I'm quite proud of that planning :P

    I hope you guys have a great New Years!

  3. If you do get a pug please consider adopting one, there are many in pounds and shelters across Australia These guys are in victoria, but there's a company called jets pets who fly animals interstate.

    Love your blog :)

  4. Sounds like a great way to spend NYE.
    We are heading to a friends. there will be about 10 of us so still quite low key.
    I dare say we will be home well and truly by 1am.

  5. Our NYE plans sound exactly the same!! I'm super excited too :) Your day sounds awesome. I love days like that. Blissful placid. Cute pugs - names? hmmm, I feel they are males. wilbur? walter? not sure why i'm on a 'w' path here.
    Heidi xo

  6. Gog and Magog, after the pair of china dogs from Anne of Green Gables!