Thursday, December 30, 2010

snapshots of friday and an homage to 2010...

Last Friday of 2010! Last day of 2010, for that matter! A nice time to pause, and reflect on the year that was - and share some snapshots from today, the last of the year...

Still loving fresh summer fruits! (Please not to laugh at my attempt at an arty shot)

Especially cherries! (despite managing to swallow a cherry stone a few weeks ago)

Yes, I know you all roll your eyes, I know I spend FAR too much time at lee&me - I can't help it, Sir, I have an addiction!

Summer is gorgeous when there is enough of a fresh breeze to keep the trees moving gently, and to keep me cool - today has been such a lovely day!

More coffee photos! The last of the year, I swear (haha, gotcha!)

Reflecting on the year gone by, and the year to come...

Enjoying the sunshine - wearing loadsa SPF!

Having an official photographer who is totally hilarious and makes you laugh can be a hazard - I blame V for this shot!

Friends Couture dress
Kitten wrap
Tony Bianco gladiator sandals
Jag bag with Oroton scarf
Cotton On sunglasses

Now, its time for some introspective naval-gazing - hey, its essential at this time of year!

10 things I learned in 2010:
(inspired by the lovely Carly)

1. If you forget to fill the cats' water bowl, they will drink out of the toilet
2. Talking + eating cherries = bad idea!
3. Swallowing a cherry stone does NOT mean you are going to grow a cherry tree in your stomach. Or a cherry baby. I hope
4. It is possible love your job, whilst simultaneously being driven crazy by it
5. Despite what they tell you when you are little, bad things do happen to good people. This includes cancer diagnoses, health scares, redundancies, etc
6. When shit happens, its how you react, and pick up the pieces, that counts. See point 5.
7. If you don't back up your laptop hard-drive, you are a bloody idiot, and when your computer crashes you will cry. And people will laugh. And you will feel stupid. And you will be charged hundreds of dollars to fix it. And you will cry some more. You get the picture
8. It is possible to form enduring friendships with people you have never met face to face
9. It is apparently possible to fall over whilst wearing flat shoes, being dead sober, and not even walking at the time
10. A hug, whether it be from V or a cuddly kitty-cat, can make everything ok again

I hope you all have a lovely New Years Eve, whatever your plans may be! And I hope 2011 brings only wonderful things!


  1. A very Happy New Year to you Cate! Hope its one filled with love and happiness! Loving the '10 things' too, it's made me start thinking about what I've learned this year! I may perhaps post something similar on my blog if thats ok, with full credit to you for the idea of course! x

  2. This is a great list :)
    I made one similar and also mentioned that one about being friends with people you have never me.
    Happy new year!

  3. Hey hun, please go for it! I should edit my post to note I partially stole the idea from Carly! *oops* xx

  4. Carly, your list is SO much better than mine! :D And I have just credited you for the idea too xx

  5. That's a beautiful list. I love the cherry stone one, I was going to ask you if you had a cherry tree growing in your tummy... I'm such a child. Happy new year lovely!!!!

  6. Gorgeous dress! I saw one similar to it in SportsGirl the other day. I might have to go back and try it on now ;)

  7. happy new yr! =) I can vouch that no. 9 IS possible, been there done that. all too familiar.... ;p

  8. Happy new year hun! What a great list, it's such a great idea to reflect on what you learnt, rather than what happened!

    (Starting to wish I'd read this post before I wrote my 2010 post, haha!)


  9. Happy New Year!!!

    Loving number 10. (I don't have a V) but a hug from my cat definitely makes everything better.
    Hope you have a fabulous year, and get lots of hug from your kitties and from V