Saturday, December 25, 2010

christmas comes but once a year...

Probably a good thing too, given how much food and drink we always manage to get through on Christmas day!

This morning, V and I were up nice and early to get some baking and last-minute prep done before we headed around to my parents' house to spend the day with my family...

Jasper and Jade lent some moral support - Jade things Jasper's butt is super comfy

Presents all packed up and ready to go...

Loooove the Mimco cicada clip V gave me this morning - we always exchange a gift first thing on Christmas morning

Fresh-baked lussekatter bread!

Eaten hot with coffee for breakfast - a Christmas tradition in our house

Piles of presents! Needless to say, everyone got very spoilt today

The table centrepieces (courtesy of me!)

I thought it looked nice and festive

V pitching in and helping with the stuffing (and looking v handsome in his new Lacoste polo shirt!)

My Christmas present dress from my parents - love!

Leona Edmiston dress
Tony Bianco heels
Georgini bracelet
Tiffany&Co rings

Best dress EVER for twirling!

We feasted on fresh seafood...

My brother and sister made the most amaaaazing peach and champagne punch

They also made a very refreshing non-alcoholic ginger ale punch

Mmmmm my favourite - only the best to celebrate Christmas day!

Hello, gorgeous. Quince-glazed baked ham

Truly amazing amounts of food!

I made a nectarine and vanilla bean trifle from scratch, courtesy of Donna Hay magazine - this picture really fails to capture the vibrant colour of the cranberry juice jelly, and the creaminess of the custard

V made fruit mince tarts - note my little star-shaped sugar cookies! I thought the cranberry and pistachio nougat was nice and festive-looking

I hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing Christmas day - with lots of good food and drink and time spent with family. And I hope you were all thoroughly spoilt today!


  1. Wow, what a fantastic looking christmas! Looking amazing in your Leona aswell! xx

  2. Gorgeous dress !
    And meals look so beautiful and tasty !
    I hope you're having a nice christmas.

  3. Looks like quite a spread! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas.

  4. Yayayayaaya!!! Merry Christmas!!! I love the colour of your hair in the photo with the cicada clip. Stunning! Your Christmas spread looks gorgeous, sounds like you had a beautiful day.

  5. Love the bright yellow dress and want to eat those fruit mince tarts - mmmm! Merry Christmas :) I have that Mimco clip too, it's so pretty.

  6. Merry Christmas! Your LE dress is absolutely stunning, and the food looked to die for! Hope you had a lovely day xx

  7. Lovely dress, and so perfect for twirling (always very important). I also love the cicada clip from V (well done!). The food all looks delicious, as do the punches! What a lovely day.
    Heidi xo
    p.s. I love your tradition of freshly baked lussekatter - they look absolutely delicious!

  8. You look adorable in that dress. Wow. And your hair - amazing!

    I am glad your Christmas day was wonderful :)

    Sorry I haven't stopped by much lately - internet (or interNOT) reception is very poor here. Am uploading two photos and it's taking around 30 mins so far!

    I'll catch up with more of your blog when I return to Melbourne :)