Sunday, December 26, 2010

new clothes and christmas gifts...

Yet another Christmas has come and gone - is anyone else sad about this? Possibly its just me! But I always feel a bit flat in the days after Christmas, the aftermath of the high haha
At least I now have 2 weeks' holidays to enjoy! Plus I have just booked a little one-night getaway in the Blue Mountains for V and I for the first week of January, which I am very much looking forward to

To keep the Christmas spirit alive a little longer, I thought I might share a couple of pictures of some lovely gifts I was lucky enough to receive this year - plus some outfit shots

This dress/tunic is from Seed boutique in Paddington, and was a Christmas from my parents...

I love the colour and the draped style, and that it will be the perfect trans-seasonal piece!

Seed tunic dress
Mimco cicada clip
Corelli leather ankle boots
Sportsgirl tote
Tiffany&Co rings and silver heart pendant
MAC Lady Danger lipstick

I think this counts as a gift to myself!
As a general rule, I loathe the Boxing Day sales (which in my neck of the woods take place on 27 December), and avoid them at all costs. But today I ended up going in for a bit, and browsed through the bags on sale in David Jones (I had some vouchers to offload!) I had been hoping to find something nice from Oroton or Mimco, but as usual, only the crappy stuff was actually reduced - and then my eye fell on this gorgeous tan leather bag from Jag. Imagine my shock that it was reduced down to $49.95! I compensated for the extremely low price by splashing out on an Oroton silk scarf (reduced to $66.95)

Gorgeous, gorgeous Oroton wallet from V. Its a lovely shade of patent navy blue (which is somewhat diminished by Blogger, as per usual)

Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf, also from V - the limited edition bottle has this sweet little tulle frill around it, like a little weeny ballerina

Nawwwww pugs! These adorable little guys are bookends - I just love them! Pugs are my favourite, I want one so badly - I think V was hoping that these will suffice (for now maybe! haha)

And my brother gave me this amazing book of the art in "My Neighbour Totoro" - probably my fave Miyazaki movie ever. I love the sketches of Totoro and the Catbus, major cuteness!



  1. Oh. My. GOD I LOVE TOTORO!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, you have NO idea. I am obsessed X 1000000 my Totoro dolls are my favourite!

    Isn't Seed great, I've really been loving their stuff lately and it's so cheap!

  2. I agree Mimco was disappointing, went in to the Pitt St and Chatswood store today. I can wait for their further 20% off. Left empty-handed =) I love the book-ends.

  3. i love that dress on you, its absolutely killer. i'm sad i have no money for boxing day sales...but i can hardly complain when its because i spent it all on alexander wang and acne :)


  4. Love the drapey-ness of the seed top!

    I've heard so much about 'My neighbour Totoro' the last few months, I really need to get my hands on a copy of it to watch! It looks/sounds adorable.

    I absolutely adore those bookends too... Pugs are amazing, J's parents and his sister have one each, and I'm head over heels in love! I cant wait to move out so I can have one of my own! x