Friday, December 17, 2010

saturday morning snaps...

Sharing a few quick pics from this morning's expedition into town (thank god for free all-day parking in my office carpark!), for breakfast and to battle the crowds for some last-minute Christmas goodies...

Still infatuated with my MAC Lady Danger lipstick...

The best thing about red lipstick is that your cup/glass is always instantly recognisable!

Poached eggs, tomatoes and bacon for V...

I had the most delectable buttermilk hotcakes, with honeycomb raspberry ricotta, banana and maple syrup

Jasper and Jade would say hi - if they weren't currently comatose in the sunshine...

In other exciting news, the collection of Christmas presents under our tree is steadily growing! I think the Lush presents giftwrapped in silk scarves look the prettiest.

Hope all your Christmas plans and preparations are coming along nicely! Only 7 more days to go!


  1. Where did you pick up the brown paper from? It's exactly the look I was going for!

  2. Lady Danger looks great on you - unfortunately it's too orange for my skin tone... I'm more a Russian Red kind of girl! Looks like you have been very active on the shopping front - I commend you! I can't believe that in a week I will have opened all my presents and will be lying on the couch in a food coma,. Christmas has come around quick this year.

  3. Katie - its from Office Works, would you believe? Its PPS Kraft paper, the type they use to wrap the post in :D

    Miss Kitty-Cat - I really wanted Russian Red from looking at it in the tube, but it was just all wrong on my skin, its so weird how different shades of red look completely different on different skintones!

  4. Lady Danger vs Russian Red, I love both - the LD looks great on you - do you mind if I ask which lip pencil you use underneath?
    PS Love your blog too! x

  5. Awesome! Thanks =) I will go to Officeworks tomorrow. I would never have thought to look there!

  6. TheStylishShoeGirl - nawww thanks hun :) The lip pencil is MAC Redd

  7. Love the brown paper wrapping- we've done a combo of that and white- gives them such a cute crafty look!
    p.s that breakfast looks fantastic!

  8. Your Christmas presents do look absolutely gorgeous!!!
    And I hope you have an excellent Christmas!!!
    Granuesli online!!! Also sold at Manic Organic in Woonona - I'm definitely going to have to go buy some more.


  9. Yummy...totally craving pancakes with ricotta right now ;) Wow, Lush do such great gift scarves?! Thats fab.
    Hannah x

  10. I bought 3 products from lush because I LOVED the silk scarf wrapping. Only problem is that once my friends unwrapped their scarves they couldn't tie them up again. Oh well, it looked pretty to start :)

  11. Oops did I just post a comment here? If so, I meant to publish it on a more recent one of your posts! (The comment box was playing up so I think I may have written it again, but in the wrong one!!) Anyway, OT (or 'on post'), your cats are beautiful!! I think I’m slightly infatuated with cats atm since a lot of friends recently acquired gorgeous kittens and cats! I particularly like my friend Liss’. I can’t remember what breed it is, but it has a gorgeous golden-red coat – and it’s quite cheeky!!