Sunday, December 19, 2010

sunday night....

Last night, V and I had our usual Sunday dinner at my parents' house with the family. My Mum has decorated their house beautifully in anticipation of Christmas.

One of my favourite things about Christmas is admiring all the gorgeous ornaments and special pieces my parents own, remembering those who gave them to us, the stories behind each one, and my childhood Christmases - opening up each ornament and greeting it as one would an old friend, and the excitement of choosing where it will go!

This little ceramic house is so sweet - its was a gift from Canadian friends of the family. I remember when we were younger, my sister and I used to argue over which room in the house we would get, if we lived in such a house, complete with snow and holly wreaths. I also remember how we nearly blew it up the first time we used it, trying to plug it in without a US adaptor!

Georg Jensen mistletoe - a gift from a Danish friend, an exchange student who stayed with my family when I was younger. We have kept in touch over the years, visited them in Denmark, and recently hosted M and her lovely family when they visited Australia

Another Georg Jensen from M - so pretty...

On the food side of things, we opened a delish South Island sav blanc - Cloudy Bay, possibly my all-time fave right now

And we pigged out on delicious woodfired pizzas

Seriously so yummy

And then we made candy-cane milkshakes - y'know, for Christmas

How are all your Christmas plans and preparations coming along?


  1. Oh wow, those milkshakes looks delicious!
    Ang xxx

  2. Oh! Candy cane milkshakes!! Too cute. I'm so excited for Christmas :) I haven't had to do much planning, it is all coming together v nicely. phew! Thanks for the Cloudy Bay sav blanc tip, I will try it out.
    Heidi xo

  3. So pretty! For a minute I thought the house was made out of gingerbread and I was seriously impressed. Really need to wear my glasses :)

    My Christmas plans are coming along well. I made a bunch of gingerbread men for my family yesterday. Just need to plan my Christmas eve dinner with my bf and cook a few bits and pieces to take along for christmas day. I really want to make some red velvet christmas pudding cupcakes too. Maybe I'm being a little too overzealous though..

    Love the look of the candy cane milkshakes. I'm making a christmas berry bunch with Fresita, hopefully it turns out nice.

  4. oh I LOVE your family Cat - all those gorgeous things and fantastic dinners...

    one day I'm going to run away from mine and come live with yours.... xox

    the house is oh so pretty - LOL will also have to try those candy cane milkshakes this year - I'm sure little z would love them...


  5. This looks wonderful! What an exciting lead up to Christmas.
    I love the candycane milkshakes and the lit up house.

  6. I love all your Christmas decorations and how each one has its own story to tell!! You are totally getting into the Christmas spirit with your candy-cane milkshakes!! Delightful! My fam and I tend to do Christmas but don't really go out on a limb to make it really special (despite knowing about what Christmas signifies to us!). I think it'd be nice if we did though, and if we had a few special things, rather than mass amounts of tinsel and baubles hehe!