Thursday, January 6, 2011

blue mountains getaway...

So on Thursday morning, V and I packed ourselves up, handed over the house keys to my lovely brother P (who was roped into feeding the kitties while we were gone), and headed off to the Blue Mountains for an overnight getaway!

First stop, Leura! This is me with my alpaca friend - I think alpacas are beyond adorable, and would love one for the backyard. V is a little less keen. I'm working on it

It was around midday when we arrived, and we were feeling peckish - so we decided to drop into Bygone Beauties for lunch

We shared a devonshire tea and a platter of "dainty" sandwiches

The scones were freshly made and absolutely divine, smothered in lots of strawberry jam and cream

V wanted dessert, so he ordered a slice of apple pie with cream - this, too, was freshly made and was delicious!

We stayed at The Old Leura Dairy (in Leura, obviously), in the Studio. It was absolutely gorgeous! It is a cosy little apartment, with a lovely old claw-foot bath, and a kitchenette will full coffee and tea making facilities (coffee, tea and milk were all provided)

The bed was loooovely - crisp linen, big squishy pillows. I love the floral print

When we arrived in our apartment, they had classical music playing to welcome us, fresh flowers on the windowsill, and a jar of homemade apricot jam as a welcome gift! These little touches made the stay really special

The view from the window - so beautiful

We decided to grab an afternoon snack at Cafe Josophans in the Leura Mall - I ordered the hot chocolate, V had an iced chocolate (and was jealous of my drink and tried to convince me to swap - fat chance!)

This morning (Friday), we walked the short distance into Leura for breakfast - at Stockmarket cafe, for the best coffee in the Mountains

I had the buckwheat pancakes with rhubarb compote, fresh strawberries, vanilla bean yoghurt and honey - I lack the words to describe how truly perfect this breakfast was

V had the herb and garlic mushrooms on sourdough toast - they looked fantastic! I was too slow to grab a taste

The deluge of rain this morning put paid to our plans for a bushwalk, so we took some time to drive around the lookouts and wandered around Katoomba and Blackheath

And of course we had to stop in at Medlow Bath to the Whisk&Pin store, to stock up on their amazing mueslis! The Summer muesli is a favourite in our house - we have never tried the Organic muesli before, it sounds delicious, cannot wait to try it!

I will post a review a bit later of our fabulous meal last night at Silks in Leura!


  1. both the Iced chocolate and hot chocolate look divine!

    Also I love your new hair colour!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time. I really want to try this muesli I wonder if I can get it at David Jones?! The scones look delicious, there is really nothing better especially with lashings of cream and jam.

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time :) Those hot chocolates and ice chocolates look delicious! And now I am seriously craving some scones and jam! Delicious! :D

  4. Angela - thanks so much! I Being a redhead is definitely fun :)

    Mez - they do sell whisk&pin muesli at David Jones, but its quite highly marked-up of course. Otherwise, you can buy it online from the whisk&pin website xx

  5. Great photos...I love Leura! Such a picturesque town, I always stop off at the Lolly shop ;) Those scones look amazing!!
    Hannh x

  6. Sounds like you had such a nice time. I feel relaxed just reading about it :)

  7. I love alpacas too, I always want to stop an dssay hello when I see them in a field. The afternoon tea looks 'mazin and I approve of the ordering of dessert post devonshire tea.

  8. I suddenly have the strangest desire to go on a little country getaway. No idea where it came from???? ;)
    Your overnight stay looked beyond perfect, I hope it really was!

  9. Oh my goodness! I cannot believe you were in my neck of the woods! I may be biased, but I do happen to think that growing up in the upper Blue Mountains was just the most idyllic way to do childhood ;)

    And such a great little review of both Josophans and Stockmarket. Owned by very dear friends it is great to see them continuing to impress. The french toast at Stockmarket is heaven (though my sister does argue to buckwheat pancakes are the only way to breakky nirvana).

    Pleased you enjoyed your visit!