Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sir, i have an addiction...

To pretty little sparkly accessories...

Particularly those in the shape of animals - the Witchery fox brooch is a special favourite

And to lipglosses! Sooooo pretty

Today's outfit - summery!

Friends of Couture dress
Country Road cardigan
Tony Bianco flats
Jag bag with Oroton scarf
Oroton sunglasses
Tiffany&Co rings

In other exciting new, V and I are headed to the supremely lovely Blue Mountains tomorrow, for a nice little one-night romantic getaway - cannot wait!


  1. Enjoy the Blue Mountains!
    What's your Kit gloss like? Thinking I might need one to match my polish?

  2. Yay for getaways!!! Hope you have a beautiful time. I think I love the pony brooch the most.

  3. SSG - the Kit gloss is wonderful, I love it! Looks amazing on, and not too sticky xx

  4. I love your collection of hairclips and brooches. I too have an unhealthy addiction, to Mimco hairclips - I've bought 4 sets in their most recent sale (they're so cheap!) and I think I have around 11-12 clips/combs/pony holders now, plus 5 headbands, eeek!

    Enjoy your mountains getaway!

  5. Pretty outfit!
    I love the pony brooch too.
    I received the Mimco flower clips for Christmas.
    Have a wonderful getaway xx

  6. Most of those accessories I either have or would love to have - great taste ;) The little owl is so cute. Enjoy your getaway.

  7. I have an addiction to lipglosses as well, they are such a cheap pick me up, lipstick economics anyone? haha

    Have fun on your trip, that sounds lovely :)

  8. What a cute dress! Hope you two have a lovely getaway <3

  9. Ohhhh pretties!! You look super lovely :-)

    Hope you enjoy your weekend away. I went in August with AM and it was just blissful. Everything feels so slow and relaxed up there.

  10. I love your blog. It is unbelievably pretty. Those little owls are the sweetest things ever.
    Have fun in the blue mountains! A place of good food and spectacular views. X

  11. ahhh! im jealous of your ability to keep glosses without losing them. who knows where my poor fallen glosess are. they never make it long enough to be used up.

    enjoy your getaway! <3

  12. Gorgeous outfit and accessories! Have a great getaway! It should be lovely up there :)
    Heidi xo