Sunday, January 2, 2011

hunter gatherers....

This morning, cheered by the cool change (such a lovely relief from the oppressive heat!), V and I decided to go out hunting for a morning coffee in our local area. We had several nice little cafes to chose from, so we set out minds on one about 20 minutes away, and directed ourselves accordingly...

Waaaaaah carrying too much crap! V laughed at me for bringing the umbrella, but I told him I would be the one laughing at HIM when it started pouring down, and he would have to beg me to share (incidentally, it never did start raining dammit!)

Still more than a little obsessed with my new bag....

Country Road blouse
sass&bide jeans
Tony Bianco flats
Jag bag with Oroton silk scarf
Oroton sunglasses
Oroton umbrella (sensing a theme of sorts here!)
Tiffany&Co rings and necklace

Sadly for us, the first cafe we chose was shut - and so was the second. The downside to living in a lovely little town. I'll bet the Sydney folk never have to contend with cafes being closed! Humph. After half an hour of walking (and no caffeine!) we decided to gather ourselves up, grab the paper and walk back home again

I did find some lovely star jasmine hanging over someone's fence (and may or may not have purloined a few flowers)

(also more than a little obsessed with my bison vases)

Turns out coffee and cinnamon toast made at home, shared with someone you love, is just as good as, if not better than the cafe stuff!

Wishing you all a very happy Monday!


  1. Love your vases! And as usual, you look amazing.

  2. Love the star jasmine, so pretty.

    Probably an embarrassingly easy answer - but how do you make Cinnamon Toast?

  3. Awww all our favourite cafes in Sydney are closed too! Which is such a shame given it is holidays and the boy & I are free to go out to long, late, lazy breakfasts 7 days a week! Glad your day had a happy ending anyway :) xxx

  4. I Clive pretty much in the centre of Sydney.. Balmain... And at this time of year heaps of places are shut too.
    It's actually quite nice! But I imagine if you are in desperate need of caffeine it is not so nice!

  5. I agree - breakfast at home is so lovely. Especially with cinnamon toast!
    Heidi xo

  6. Amanda - I found the perfect cinnamon toast recipe on the Pioneer Woman's blog, here:
    Its the bomb!

  7. Your Jasmine is potato vine/white potato creeper, sorry! It comes in blue, too.
    Jasmine smells sublime, usually starts around September, and finished a few weeks ago.

  8. I'm loving your new years posts!!
    I went to Lush today - in an attempt to purchase more natural and environmentally friendly products this year. I know you use Lush products - Just wondering if you would be able to answer a couple of questions - have you ever used their shampoos (the ones that look like bars of soap?) - if so, how do you find them? On a more practical note - how do you store them so they don't get washed away by stray shower water?


    Miss-B (VF)

  9. Anon - LOL I was wondering why the "jasmine" didn't smell that nice :D

    MissB - Thanks hun! I have used the Lush solid shampoo Tricomania, I really like it, it cleaned my hair and left it soft and not stripped. But I had to stop using it because for some reason it was making my colour fade too fast! Otherwise, I highly recommend it for normal to dry hair. I actually stored mine outside of the shower, in a little ceramic dish, because if you leave it in the shower I find it goes all squishy