Sunday, January 2, 2011

which primarily involves food, and the eating of...

Holidays, and time off work, totally wrecks havoc with my usual digestive patterns! Its the whole not-being-in-the-office thing, not having any constraints on my time or person.
At work, I can quite literally go all day without eating very much in the way of anything. You know how sometimes you can be hungry and totally too busy to stop and eat, and then you kind of just get over it? And, hours later, when you finally have a free second, you think, Huh, really not hungry any more.

I try to be good and take my lunch to work, plus loadsa easy-to-eat snacks - I try to make time to eat, to take breaks and get away from my desk. But its just not always possible! You know what they say about the best-laid plans. The difficulty I find is in getting away from my desk (read: the phone) long enough to take a real break, and eat something. So I often settle for the old eat-at-the-desk trick - which of course means I will scarf down half a sandwich, or a bite of apple, only to have my phone ring (which results in me screaming "Why won't you people just leave me alone?" and falling in a whimpering heap under my desk. Joking. No, really). Luckily the paralegal in the office next-door is ace at answering my line for me (once he picks himself up off the floor from laughing - M, love you!)

I have days where I will honestly subsist on biscuits, coffee and the odd piece of fruit. And my poor old long-suffering stomach just puts up with this treatment.

But when I'm on holidays, particularly the Christmas break, the Beast gets unleashed! Seriously, its like all control is lost, and my appetite knows no bounds!
A conversation with my stomach might go something like this:
Stomach - Cate, I'm hungry
Me - In a minute, kind of busy right now reading/watching tv/blogging/picking my toes
Stomach - No, I'm really, really hungry! Feed me! Now!
Me - Geez, ok!
And despite the fact that I've eaten a huge dinner, and its currently 11pm, I will go downstairs and forage for a sandwich and a glass of milk, and maybe a cookie to round things off. Maybe I'm about to go into hibernation for the rest of summer...

To keep the system placated and happy, we made pancakes for breakfast this morning...

With raspberries and Camp maple syrup!

Dinner was creamy lemon and basil pasta, with some grilled organic free-range chicken, with a glass of Savignon Blanc

I'm off to raid the pantry for something sweet and chocolate-tasting - possibly even chocolate. Blogging makes me hungry


  1. Haha I know what you mean! I tend to carelessly graze all day when I'm at home/on holidays as I have no routine. And those pancakes look divine :) mmm raspberries!
    Hannah x

  2. Hahahaah I TOTALLY agree. We've been pigging out +++ these holidays, it's nice having the time to cook beautiful things AND eat at anytime we please1 :)

  3. Mmm that's some good looking food! Ok, I'm off to get breakfast...

  4. Droooool, that pasta looks amazing! You have now inspired me to cook pasta for dinner. Yummo!


  5. Oh dear. Not only have you indulged your appetite over this holiday break, but you have indulged us readers by posting daily! I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the break, thanks Cate! Annie

  6. I know how you feel - I literally ate myself sick over the holiday period. It was worth it.


  7. It is quite easy to skip meals when you're busy! You really need to schedule it in like an appointment - how sad is that? Not at all like in France or the rest of Europe. Now they do lunches properly!! It is so important to them, they really take the time to have a break and eat well. It is just common practice. I like their way of thinking :)
    Good work for all your holiday eats. Pancakes for breakfast, yum!
    Heidi xo