Thursday, January 27, 2011

many little pretty pictures...

Did you all have a good holiday yesterday? (those of you who didn't have to work) It really was perfect weather for lying on the beach and doing not much in particular...

Whilst I didn't go into work, as they say there's no rest for the wicked! V and I got up at 5:30am, and headed down to the beach for the annual Australia Day Aquathon - a fun run and swim event. This year my work were sponsoring the race...

Many, many little bottles of water (bearing the firm's logo) were handed out to competitors - 1,800 to be precise! On such a hot, muggy day it was killer! (ahem and may just have been my idea!)

V's new work ute was collected from the car yard - hereby dubbed "the Phantom"

Totally sexy engine y'all!

V and I later headed back down to the beach for the festivities and food - mmmm, sugar cane juice with limes, so good!

One Teaspoon dress
Cotton On sunglasses

Later in the evening, we headed to my parents' house for a BBQ with family and friends - and I had to stand in front of the Phantom for outfit pics (V's rules LOL)

Forever New dress
Tony Bianco sandals
Jag leather satchel
Cotton On sunglasses

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable day - and I get a day off in lieu for "working" at the Aquathon, bonus!

V took me out for lunch today - he is about to head away for 2-3 weeks for work, so he suggested we spend as much time together as possible this week, bless his cotton socks!

We ate the world's best sandwiches at Lower East, and tried not to focus on 5am tomorrow morning when he has to leave for Canberra...

Walking back to work through the Church grounds - miraculously, I don't disappear screaming in a puff of smoke...

Cue dress
Tony Bianco shoes
Oroton sunglasses
Murino glass bracelet
Mimco bow concorde

And in other exciting news, V got his new rigging harness for work today - yay! Good for me to know that, when he's climbing 150m radio towers, if he does happen to slip, he will be safe

Friday tomorrow - and the weekend is nearly upon us! I don't quite know what I'm going to do for my Saturday breakfast, without brunch at lee&me with V! I'm sure I'll figure something out


  1. Hahaha What a cutie with the photos in front of 'The Phantom' rule! Great name for the car too :)

  2. YOU WOKE UP AT 0530 ON A DAY OFF?!!?!?

    OH. MY. STARS.

    You loco lady...

    I struggle on working days let alone days off!!

    Love that V made you take photos in front of The Phantom hahaahaaa brilliant!!

  3. Love the phantom! Our holden ute is dubbed the green machine, because our little dog is terrified of it. Sugar cane juice sounds amazing! I love the striped dress on you, the colours really complement your hair :)

  4. Great idea with the water bottles!!! One of the things I miss since making the switch from private sector law firm to public sector is the free firm branded umbrellas/bottles/usb sticks/gym towels/you name it! haha. I had to buy my OWN umbrella this year - lame! Pinkpenguin xxx

  5. I adore all your pretty sun dresses, they're gorgeous! Such lovely summer wardrobe inspiration :) What a great day!
    Heidi xo