Friday, January 28, 2011

snapshots of friday...

Casual Friday today, hooray!

Outfit snaps taken in the spare bedroom - with V being away for work today, I had to be my own photographer. I was quite pleased with my woeful attempts - not bad for a novice!

Cotton On dress
Eleventh Commandment tunic
Tony Bianco flats
Tiffany&Co rings and necklace
Leather cuff from NZ boutique

I bought this cuff in Queenstown, years and years ago - cannot for the life of my remember the name of the boutique!

This is OPI Over the Taupe - love it! Its very unusual

Jade says zzzzzz...

Comforting pot of tea and a ferrero rocher chocolate - need to keep my spirits up while V is away!


  1. KittyCate, I hope you don't mind but yesterday I emailed Cue to locate the pretty white dress you were wearing a couple of days ago. They sent me the stores I could buy it from and also asked if I could forward on your blog address--I had to send a pic of you wearing it so they knew what I was on about! Text descriptions suck!--I do hope this was ok.

    Hopefully they send you lovely things, you star in a Cue ad and are given an unlimited supply of pretty things! ;-) We can dream, right?


  2. Ohhh my goodness, thanks so much for the shout-out hun, I really appreciate it! And good luck finding the dress xx

  3. Love that OPI NP. Kind of like my Chanel one but different enough to make me want to buy it!

  4. Great casual outfit! I love that cuff too <3