Wednesday, January 12, 2011

what's in my bag...

The lovely Holly recently shared the contents of her handbag with her readers - so I'm taking the plunge and doing the same! (other interesting news being a little thin on the ground in the KittyCate household today)

That bizarre black-and-gold thing is a hooter thingy from New Years - hiding at the bottom of the bag obviously, oops

In other news, this is what I wore to work yesterday...

I am particularly partial to the shirt, a Christmas present from V

Cue shirt and skirt
Tony Bianco flats
Tiffany&Co rings and necklace
Mimco bow concorde

Only one more day till the weekend!


  1. Ahhh that Oroton wallet is divine!

    And I love love love that top! Amazing <3

  2. Hahahaha I love the hooter in your bag, that's totally something I would have in my bag. I carry around dinosaurs and toy soldiers, weird, yes, me? Totally.

  3. Love your outfit. It's very Joan Holloway from Mad Men. Beautiful. Classy. Your bag is so neat. I'd have to give mine a decent clean out before sharing it's insides with the world...

  4. Gorgeous as always.

    Missing your presence at a certain somewhere xx

  5. I almost bought that skirt from Cue but it was a bit too small :(
    Shame cuz it looks great on.

  6. Such a lovely outfit! I think my closet is being taken over by Cue.

    Love Ms Stef...

  7. Very chic outfit and I love seeing what other people have in their bags! I might follow suit and do a In My Bag post too x Sushi