Friday, February 4, 2011

friday night deliciousness...

Yay, its Friday! The weekend is nigh! And tomorrow afternoon, V gets back from Coonamble!

I've been spending loadsa time at my parents' house this week - to stop me from getting too rone-reeeee! I headed over there this evening for dinner...

Forever New shorts
Sass&Bide tee
Supre leopard jacket

Bizzaro-window shot!

My Dad's colleague (and good family friend) Ali was staying with my parents tonight, and he cooked dinner for us - beyond deliciousness! I love Turkish food

Turkish rice is one of my absolute favourite things to eat!

The most amaaaazing salad, dressed with pumpkinseed oil, and fillet steaks cooked on the BBQ

Yummiest fruit salad EVAH!

A few empties hehe

Happy Friday all!


  1. loving, loving, loving that leopard jacket to bits!!!

    turkish food looks deliciouso!! we had dinner so long ago... I'm already hungry again. wah!

    have a lovely weekend honey.


  2. thanks for the comment babe! that fruit salad looks delish. have a great weekend!
    cat x

  3. The Supre leopard jacket is UNREAL - is it new stock?

  4. This all looks so so amazing!


  5. The food looks great, so do you!!
    I love that you do leopard print and pastels

  6. I have never been into leopard print before, but lately I am just LOVING it! The Supre jacket is indeed new stock, grabbed it last week for a tidy $38 xx

  7. Where did you get your shoes from? They look rad! Also - Leopard print FOREVER. Seriously.