Wednesday, February 2, 2011

too big for his boots...

Got home from work, took my shoes off, went upstairs - and came back to see this...

Jasper he be wearin' mah shoes!

Wut? They suits me

In other news, this made me smile today at work - cute kitteh mug and a home-made cookie, baked with love by V and I last weekend

Currently watching the live coverage of Cyclone Yasi - utterly terrifying. My thoughts are with all those in the storm's path - stay safe


  1. Too cute! Jasper is gorgeous - I love the 'what, me?' look. Luckily Dougall does not have a thing for my shoes. However, my sister brought The Pharmacist back some Moroccan leather slippers from her recent trip and Dougall's goal in life is to get his head inside them.

  2. That's the cutest thing. My sister has a cat but she would run away if anyone tried to put shoes on her lol

  3. Awwww that is so adorable!! You're so lucky Jasper likes your shoes. Lolly seems to think shoes are her mortal enemy and they must be destroyed.

  4. bahahaahahahaahahaha so cute!!!!!

  5. Jasper is such a cutie! And such great taste in shoes...

  6. awww is Jasper a british shorthair? He's adorable.
    he looks like the cat my partner and I are getting :)

  7. Oh my stars your kitty is super adorable!