Friday, February 25, 2011

friday night tapas...

Today was casual Friday in the office - and Vaughan arrived back home, after a week spent in Gosford for work, yay!

I love casual Friday - such a novelty to not have to wear corporate clothing for a day!

This is one of my new Lover dresses - I love it!

Its a size 10 so it swims on me, but I figure it looks fine, and at $20 I can't really complain!

Lover dress
Cue belt
Leona Edmiston
Tony Bianco ballet flats

Love my Leona love-heart tights - they have started to ladder in the left toe, I cried

We headed out to dinner tonight at Diggies...

Drinkies! This is a China Doll - it involves lychees and kiwifruit and is very yummy!


Goats cheese and yoghurt balls with sumac-sprinkled crisp bread, mmmmm

Crispy pork belly with beetroot puree and fried sweet potato

Happy Friday to all in Blogland!


  1. Yummmmm yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    The dress doesn't look huge on you at all, I think because you have belted it :) :) :) It looks beautiful.

    Love the Leona tights... going to search Ebay for some love heart tights STAT!

  2. Ah, he should have popped in and said hi to me while he was up here! hahaha.

    Gorgeous outfit (as always!) and mouth watering food!!! Mmm. That drink looks especially good!

  3. You look beautiful! That dress is amazing (and such a bargain!) xx

  4. Ok your outfit is pure perfection! I love your Leona love-heart tights - so jealous, I must go find my own. Although I don't feel I could really pull it off like you. Your hair looks really nice in a bun like that. It looks like such a yummy dinner! Goats cheese and yoghurt balls?? omg delicious.
    Heidi xo

  5. Mmm tapas - perfect way to start the weekend!

  6. Great dress :) You look gorgeous as always xx

  7. That food looks divine :) Love the tights too.

  8. I wish we had casual fridays! love the dress :)

  9. you should put some pics up of vaughan surfing!!!