Saturday, February 26, 2011

sun and sand...

V and I spent most of the weekend at the beach, swimming, relaxing - as far as I'm concerned, the beaches on the south coast of NSW are some of the prettiest in Australia. You can keep your Bondi and Manly, with their hordes of people, give me a south coast beach any day!

Yesterday, we had breakfast outside in the sunshine at lee&me...

I had a huge bowl of granola with fruit and yoghurt

V had a croque monsieur - very yum!

And then we grabbed our towels and headed down to the beach!

We took a break at around midday and grabbed a drink from the kiosk...

Vanilla milkshake and my nana-hat

This is take#2 of my new Lover dress - the beach-style version!

Lover dress
Witchery belt
Tony Bianco gladiator sandals
Diva bangles
Mimco poppy love clips
Jag leather satchel
Cotton On sunglasses

This is how my hair looks when I go swimming, and don't wash it - I call it "beach-induced dreadlocks". Kind of like it :P

Today was overcast but still warm, which is my favourite kind of beach-going weather, because I don't have to worry about burning quite so much as I do on a very sunny day. We swam for hours, I got dumped about a dozen times and drank about half the ocean - basically had a blast! I am starting to feel like I'm cultivating a throat infection or something, fingers crossed its gone when I wake up!

Hope everyone has been having a lovely weekend, and enjoying the last of summer as it draws to a close


  1. Love the new styling of the Lover dress! Sounds like a fun day :) xx

  2. Hahaha I think I have "beach-induced-dreadlocks" pretty much every day! I don't mind it either, I just pretend I'm a flowerchild :D

    You're so lucky being able to pop down to the beach so regularly, Brisvegas only has a gross fake beach in the middle of the city.

  3. Hehe salty, beach dreadlocks rock! My hair was still leaking red dye in the water this weekend, I did get one or two funny looks - maybe people thought I had a head injury from all the dumpings I got LOL
    Its so funny, growing up I absolutely hated the beach - never went there as a teen. And now I just love it! I couldn't live far from the coast, I'd feel bereft. So weird how that can change :)

  4. haha love the nanna hat! I have one too. Part and parcel of being a PPP in Australia! I miss south coast beaches, sydney is soooo packed :(


  5. Your hair looks like a mermaid - beautiful.

    If I did that I would look like some evil sea monster... Or the girl from The Ring.

    A Croque Monsier recipe is on my SANDWICH MONDAY list! HA! H and I were talking about the perfect one last night!!!!

  6. That sounds like a lovely weekend! I took my puppy to the beach this morning, she was a little less terrified than last time :) Then I visited my perfect tank of a nephew, he is so cute! Loving your beach dreadlocks, if only my hair looked like that. It's usually a big puffy mess. I agree with M, it's mermaid hair :)

  7. Dear Florence,

    I really loved your orange Oscars frock. So appealling.

  8. Love Bondi beach! Last time I went it was super windy though unfortunately :( You look super cute too in your Lover dress, I like how you belted it x

  9. i love hats, they're not just for nanas!
    i miss the empty limestone cliff beaches of the mornington peninsula(ie. home) but i do like bondi for the people watching. you see some hilarious shiz go down, that's for sure!

  10. I love sharing a milkshake with my man on a sunny weekend afternoon :) such a cute hat. & yay, I looove croque monsieurs!
    Heidi xo

  11. Those hair clips look so pretty in your red hair! That lover dress looks super gorgeous on you, very jealous x Sushi

  12. looking gorgeous. I had my hair that colour and length once...making me miss it haha
    im a peroxide blonde now - somehow red is more fun though despite what they say about blondes :)