Sunday, March 20, 2011

baking adventures, and an autumn feast...

One of my absolute favourite things about the cooler, autumn weather is the food! Now that we don't have to worry about having the oven on in summer's sweltering heat, I go a little crazy baking and cooking all sorts of delectable treats...

Yes, my apron has kittehs on it - surely this comes as no surprise?

I had some gala apples I really wanted to use, so this morning I whipped up a sweet loaf with spiced apples in the centre - soooooo delicious! My version turned out a whole lot more rustic-looking than the one in the recipe book, but I think it looks very pretty on the Spode platter my Nana gave us for our wedding

Now, I have a culinary confession to make - don't judge me - but I have NEVER roasted a chicken before! Lamb, beef, sure, but chicken? Never. I am a roast-chicken virgin. And with the gently pattering rain and the autumn-y bite in the air today, I found myself craving one for dinner tonight...

Hello, gorgeous. I didn't take "before" photos because, quite frankly, a raw chicken is a fairly ugly thing. But how beautiful is this roasted free-range chicken? We stuffed it with lemons and garlic and it was beyond amazing - V declared it was the best roast chicken he'd ever eaten

Served with roast seasonal vegetables and a glass of Shiraz. On our Vera Wang for Wedgewood wedding china. I hate the idea of "special" china that rarely gets used - we use our good stuff all the time, what's the point in having it otherwise? But I digress...

Jade says hai! She and Jasper followed the chook-roasting process with great interest - we may or may not have given them a few morsels from the finished product...

This is the carrot cake I made yesterday! Admittedly not much is left now - it is absolutely delicious, if I do say so myself. We had a slice with a pot of tea tonight - perfection

Happy Sunday all!


  1. Yay for autumn baking!! That sweet loaf looks totally delicious :) :) I had some rock cakes today, perfect with a cup of tea! Totally agree about using 'special' china for everyday use- makes simple meal time more special too! And gosh I love your beautiful floral teapot!!
    Hannah x

  2. Beautiful selection of Sunday cooking! Your roast chicken looks amazing, especially for a first attempt.

  3. Yum!! Your baking puts mine to shame :) That loaf looks so so good- care to share your recipe lovely?

    You should have a weekly blog post-Cooking with Cate :) Everything you make always makes my mouth water!

  4. I want to get my baking on. As soon as I finish this painful assignment, I'm making choc chip cookies :) My nanna's recipe is the best!

  5. Honey,


    My computer went funny... if not publish THIS:

    The chook looks amazing, yum, yummmmm!
    Next time try the roast potato recipe on my blog.. you will DIE of spud happiness.

    I love rustic looking food. Hamish might not agree with me but what would he know. HA! He's a fuddy duddy perfectionist chef. Pfft.

    Looks like you had a gorrrrrgeous weekend.


  6. I've never roasted a chicken either, but I am sure your two fur children would have been on your heels the whole time you were in the kitchen???

  7. Oohh yummy! I love roast chicken, especially on chilly Sunday nights!

    I love your apron too, I want one xx

  8. I've never roasted a chicken either - shhhh, that's a secret.

  9. Beautiful! Well done on the chicken. You're right, raw chicken is ugly. The after shots are simply stunning though! I'd love some leftovers right now ;) Delicious rustic apple loaf too, oh and the carrot cake looks beautiful. Yay for autumn baking!
    Heidi xo

  10. im normally a lurker on your blog (adore it!) but i felt compelled to tell you a) since reading this i have been CRAVING carrot cake all day hehe and b) your blog is absolutely divine.

    i will have to comment more often! x

  11. oh it all looks fab - and omg I can't believe you have never roasted a chook - for your first - it looks soooo nommy

    I agree - you'll have to share the recipes inc the stuffing as that sounds delish

    LOL of course your apron has kittens on it.... soo cute


  12. words dont explain how much i want roast chicken now after this post. i was hungry before but starving now!
    oh and don't feel bad about never roasting a chicken before, i tried to roast some beef ONCE and after smoking myself out of the house i've never tried anything since..!


  13. mmm your roast chicken looks amazing! And Jade's fluffy tummy is just begging to be rubbed :)
    (this is my first comment but I've loved your blog for ages!)