Friday, March 18, 2011


I love rainy weather - nothing feels so cosy as being inside, all warm and rugged up, whilst it pelts rain down outside

Scented candles softly flickering are cosy...

A pot of T2 Blue Mountain tea whilst blogging is cosy

Kittycats understand the concept of cosy better than most!

It looks like this outside right now - so we're snuggled up inside. Perfect.

V and I did brave the weather earlier today, venturing out in search of good coffee and some breakfast. Naturally, we ended up at lee&me...

I am SO on the leopard-print bandwagon at the moment! This scarf is from Supre, and I love it!

I had the breakfast special this morning - poached eggs with wood-smoked salmon and danish fetta mixed through them, served on grainy organic sourdough toast, topped with lemon creme fraiche, dill and roasted tomatoes. Seriously. So. Good!

V had the big breakfast *yawn* In his defence, when he's been away all week climbing towers and digging ditches and doing other manly, rigging-type tasks, he comes home absolutely starving

Of course, in this weather, I had to up the cosiness factor with the world's cosiest jumper!

I am only now realising how hilarious it is that I am wearing a jumper and boots, carrying an umbrella, but still wearing aviator sunglasses!

Supre maxi skirt
Lover jumper
Jag leather satchel
Tiffany&Co rings
Cotton On sunglasses
Oroton umbrella

Making the most of the cool weather I plan on baking a carrot cake soon - stay tuned for photos later!

Hope you are all enjoying the cool change - what are your favourite cosy, winter-weather things to do when its rainy outside?


  1. i love your your outfit! the umbrella, oversized sweater, sunglasses. looks like a paparazzi shot :)

  2. oooh your breakfast looks amazing - they have some yummy foods at lee and me :D

    rainy day here today - everyone has gone down for a nap so its super quiet

    I made cupcakes - must be the thing to do when its wet! can't wait to ice them up and sit down with a cuppa

    hope you are having a lovely weekend


  3. Your cats are so cute!

    Your breakfast of poached eggs and salmon is making me hungry :-)

    Love Ms Stef

  4. Cute jumper! Our Saturday mornings are almost identical... breakfast with the boy at our local favourite cafe (with magazines and lots of coffee!) followed by lounging at home with tea and blogging :) Bliss! <3 xxx

  5. I love your bag! My cousin has a similar one in black I think. It's such a good size, and the leather looks so sturdy. I'm considering buying one - practical and stylish!
    Your breakfast looks AMAZING btw! I'll definitely have to check out lee&me one day before uni for breakfast!

    - Michaela

  6. you just reminded me of the super rad green rose tea we got today. gonna brew us up some now. yum!
    thanks cate -you're a total genius.

  7. I wish was raining here. I wandered down to the beach today with my copy of Harpers Bazaar, giant hat, sunnies, long sleeved cardi and enough sunscreen to coat the Australian cricket team, and I still came home hideously burnt! Fell asleep in the sun and forgot to put sunscreen on my legs ... ouch.

    Do you and V do breakfast every weekend? It's a lovely meal to spend together, isn't it? The Pharmacist works on Saturdays and plays football on Sundays, so we never have time for that sort of thing. I'm living vicariously through you!

  8. Omg your cats are the cutest! I'm loving leopard print at the moment too (in small doses!). How good are those Oroton umbrellas? I'm thinking of investing in one but I'm not sure if it would hold up in the awful Melbourne winds :( x Sushi

  9. My heart just melted when I saw the photo of your cats. So so cute! They look so happy and content.

    You jumper looks so snuggly yet chic.

  10. Lalalove the photo of le cats.

  11. I love staying indoors with tea and a movie when it's raining outside. I adore Blue Mountain tea, and now am loving Madagascan Vanilla tea - have you tried it? It's a little sweet but has a full body to it. Kind of tastes like chocolate :)
    Yummy breakfast indeed! I love the sound of your breakfast special.
    Heidi xo

  12. It was raining here too. We ventured out to the farmers markets in the morning and met friends for lunch but spent the afternoon and night curled up inside. I caught up on some work :( and then we had a DVD night :)

  13. What a gorgeous cosy outfit! I'm loving the weather Sydney is having at the moment <3

  14. ooo I lover the jumper! haha

    cat x

  15. I absolutely love your cats, they are just divine <3