Sunday, March 27, 2011

hello sunday, where have you been all my life?

Sunday, fun-day! V is off down the south coast for work tomorrow morning, so this weekend has been spent doing only fun things and enjoying each others' company. We headed out for brunch to kick-start our Sunday, before driving down to the beach for a spot of surfing (for V) and sitting on the beach watching (for me)

Croque-madam (otherwise known at lee&me cafe as croque-monsieur LOL) for V...

Hotcakes with blueberries, sweetened ricotta and maple syrup for me...

There goes V, off down to the water...

I parked myself on a park bench to watch, with my journal and a swag of magazines - after around half an hour all I could see was a bunch of guys in black wetsuits surfing! Luckily V's board is bright blue underneath so I could pick him from the rest every time he got dumped hehe

Mega-chai! With honey. Nails are OPI We'll Always Have Paris

Wore my snuggly-jumper! 'Twas cold at the beach today...

I was definitely dressed for comfort over style today...

Lovelovelove this necklace! I nabbed it off etsy a few years ago, and still wear it all the time

Definitely obsessed with the maxi skirt trend! Currently searching for a pleated one - any tips?

Supre maxi skirt
sass&bide tee
Cotton On sunglasses
Rubi booties
Jag leather satchel with Supre scarf

Happy Sunday all!


  1. Ohhhh a croque!!! I considered doing a Madame for my blog post but went with the Monsieur instead. YUM!

    Love the maxi skirt, I've got a black one on it's way from ASOS at the mo mo, can't wait to get it!!!

  2. Gorgeous! Those pancakes always look so good :) Love the necklace, I have a mimco bow necklace that I've worn for years as well. Not sure if this is what you're after but AA has a pleated maxi skirt

  3. Yummmmy your photos always make me hungry! And your comfy outfit doesn't lack style at all, I actually love it! The maxi skirt really suits you :) Waaaaa weekend over xxx

  4. YUM! Those pancakes look fantastic!
    Pancakes are my weakness.
    I love the beach when it's cold and you're all rugged up.

  5. Your breakfast photos are making me crave pancakes so badly! They look absolutely delish! Easy sundays are the best.

    I'm pretty sure Glassons had a pleated chiffon maxi skirt last time I was in :)

  6. what a lovely outfit. very relaxed but stylish.


  7. I'm so jealous of you living near the beach, lucky ducky! It's probably what I miss most now that I live in Brissy. Love your outfit, I wish I looked that stylish when I was being comfortable!

  8. How refreshing, to sit on the beach and read mags while your man surfs :) Beautiful breakfast too - I love the look of those hotcakes. Makes me want to jump on a plane to where you are!
    Heidi xo

  9. It was already mentioned up the top but ASOS have a pleated maxi skirt :)

  10. Adore this outfit Cate! I love sweaters and maxi skirts for winter! I agree with KittyKitty, I believe Asos have a pleated one? I love mine from FN but I believe they've all sold out :( xx