Thursday, March 24, 2011

things that make you smile...

What do you do to make yourself smile?
I'm making a concerted effort to try and do at least one thing every day that makes me smile, and feel happy. It can be such a small and simple thing!

Soymilk chai tea with lots of honey never fails to lift my spirits - Silks cafe in Sydney makes one of the best chai teas out there! Almost worth the trip just for one of these

Fresh flowers are one of my absolute favourite things, and always make me feel happy when I have them in the house. This bunch of garden roses smells absolutely divine.
Do you buy yourself flowers? I've never understood why some women feel the need to wait for someone else to buy flowers for them - buy yourself a bunch, if they make you smile!

I decided to rearrange some of the decor this evening - all in the name of keeping myself cheery. Looking at our wedding photos (seen displayed above the bureau) always brings a smile to my face as I remember our amazing day, undoubtedly one of the happiest days of my life

The pugs have been relocated - just looking at them makes me smile. I've also decided to display some of my favourite Frankie and Lula magazines - they're far too pretty to hide away!

My dinner - noodles with broccolini and soy sauce. Simple but delish! Noodles are one of my favourite things to eat, and the easy-factor is such a bonus

Does it get any more decadent? Fresh strawberries and blueberries, with some dark Toblerone to up the naughty factor

The weekend is nigh! And that makes me smile too


  1. I think you've just talked me into buying flowers for myself tomorrow :)

    It really is a lovely idea, of doing something for yourself that makes you smile. I might just start that making that conscious decision in my life too :) Thank you for sharing :)

  2. I love those pugs.
    Le sigh..... I want pugs on my mantle.

  3. I love your smile factors Cate, they would def make me smile too :-) I find little things in my mundane day that make me a yummy cup of freshly made coffee in the morning, a bowl of cadbury creme eggs on my desk at work or wearing a fave piece of clothing. Then there are things that life brings your way that bring a smile even if they are the smallest things...a couple of days ago I found a lady bug on my hand which reminded me of being a kid and it made my day.

    Love your blog Cate its one of my faves...keep up the the great work.

    Katie xox

  4. Good smile stuff! Love the idea of putting your wedding pics on a line like that, very cute XX

  5. Ooh I love your pugs, they just made me smile!
    Choosing to smile is such a simple thing, but it really does change your day.

  6. There are so many things that make me smile, but it is easy to let them slide by and focus on the negative. I started my blog specifically about what made me smile on a particular day. I've found that no matter how bad the day (and I've had some horrific ones since I started the blog) there is always a moment of smile in every day, and on those awful days it is particularly important to notice them.

    Faux Fuchsia's lovely blog about her new baby made me smile today! As did the glorious Canberra weather. And my first cup of tea. And the chocolate I'm about to eat. I guess it is a very smiley day!

  7. Lots of things make me smile. Music, magazines, clothes, a sunshiney 20 degree day. Blogging and reading blogs. Your blog.

  8. I second flowers, tea and dark choc. Lots of things make me smile. Good company and lots of laughs. Peaceful early mornings. A clean and tidy apartment. Cooking/baking. Bubble baths. Pampering sessions. Hugs. An awesome coffee. It's so important to enjoy the little things in life. :)

  9. Gorgeous post as always and my what a delicious and decadent end! - your post made me smile :)

  10. lovely :) I love buying myself fresh flowers. I cannot wait to get into our new unit next week (still renting) and decorate with loads of fresh flowers. I think it is so important to do things to make you smile each day :)
    Heidi xo