Saturday, March 12, 2011

sunny saturday relaxation...

Hooray for the weekend! And sleeping in! And spending the entire day doing everything I want to, and nothing I don't

Kicked off with coffee and breakfast at lee&me cafe

Mmmmm, giant cappuccino...

How cute are these sunglasses? Scored them from Urban Outfitters a little while ago

V had the eggs benedict for breakfast

I had the brekky special - bacon hash with poached eggs, roast tomatoes, spinach and onion relish - sooooo delicious!

After breakfast, V and I spend the rest of the day at the beach

The surfboard is V's, not mine - I'm not really coordinated enough for surfing!

Tigerlily swimsuit
Forever New denim shorts
Cotton On sunglasses
Rubi hat

Hope everyone is having a lovely, relaxing weekend!


  1. Love your sunglasses, very cute

    Love Ms Stef...

  2. I love, love, love your sunglasses! Très bien =) V's breakfast looks lovely. I'm jealous!

  3. Ohhh sounds like a lovely day :) :) What fun sunnies, and I love your hat and swimsuit! Looking very cool!
    Hannah x

  4. looks like such a lovely way to spend a Saturday. Lee and Me dishes always look so so yummy and the coffee - oh you could drown in that cup - so lovely

    hope you hare having a fab weekend sweets


  5. love the swimsuit!! Gorgeous colours and the cutout looks fantastic on you!

  6. Aww those sunglasses are so cute!!

    Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing day...the best way to spend the weekend!

  7. i have some sunnies just like yours 'cept mine are bright pink and i have a feeling my friends 3 year old has nawwed on them.
    i've never seen you wear so little and i have to say i quite like it. ;)


  8. I second Holly's comment - MEOW, I have never seen you so nudey, but I LOVE it! You are hot diggity dang, gorgeous one.

    You're making me crave eggs bene... might have to take a journey to OUR fave cafe for breakkie, Ha-Ha. Desperate to shout you next time you visit! We'll have a 'cafe-off' :P

    Luv Sati & L xx

  9. Great sunnies, and swimmers too.

    Agreed with Hollypop:'i've never seen you wear so little and i have to say i quite like it. ;)'

  10. Super cute sunglasses! They really suit you! Yay for the weekend!

  11. looooooooooooooooooooove those sunnies!! Cute!!!

  12. Love the sunglasses, they are adorable :) I think I've found my Brissie lee&me and I'm super happy. In case you were wondering (you so were lol), I ordered buckwheat pancakes, with berry compote and greek yoghurt. Love the togs, you look gorgeous!

  13. The sunglasses are very cute!

    Massive coffee - and I love eggs benedict...YUM!!!

  14. Cute sunnies!
    Your breakfast looks amazing.
    I love that it's Autumn and we can still go to the beach :D Cute cozi.

  15. What a cute swimsuit! I love it. You're so stylish :) Happy happy weekend!
    Heidi xo

  16. I love your blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)

  17. Thanks so much lovelies! I was a little apprehensive about posting a swimsuit shot! :D

    Sati - we MUST have a cafe-off! Can't wait to visit your fave local next time we're down for a visit

    Wikigirl - OMG your brekky sounds delish, buckwhear pancakes are the best!

    Reezy - we are sososo lucky with the weather in NSW at the moment, its been kind of perfect!


  18. Hey there Cat, I like those sunglasses a lot! You pull them off so well, without looking stupid or teeny-bopper-esque :P. Sounds like our part of NSW is having some good weather atm!

    Hehe very random, but I think I saw your FB profile via a group that we're both members of. How could I not recognise your lovely self in your dp :D. Wanted to say hi, but didn't know if it was too weird to add you :P...though come to think of it, I think I'm 'friends' w one of the other VF bloggers! Oh, and we have a mutual friend, yay!! He did law too, so I guess that's the connection! xox