Thursday, March 17, 2011

channeling florence OR red hair, kittycate style...

So the lovely FauxFuchsia asked me a while ago to action a post on how I maintain my red tresses - its been a long time coming, sorry, but I'm actioning away, stat!

First, get thee to a good hairdresser asap and ask for a nice, deep red - I tend to aim for a Florence Welch-esque red, suits my skintone the best

'Scuse my crazy eyes!

Several hours, and lots of hair-dye later, walk out of the salon with deep, rich, shinyshinyshiny red hair. (Tip - ask your hairdresser for a gloss as well as the colour, helps keep the it nice and bright and rich).

Now, on to maintenance. Red hair is very tricky to maintain, and tends to fade very quickly, so its worth investing in some good-quality products to keep it looking fresh, and extend the life of your colour. I swear by Sebastien haircare products - I have been using them for years now and my hair has never been healthier.

This is Sebastien laminates shampoo for red hair - sadly discontinued in 2009 *boo, hiss* When I heard the sad news, I was savvy enough to zip around to every salon I could find that stocked this baby, and buying them up. I currently have 3 bottles left, so hopefully enough to last me several more months!

This is Sebastien Hydre conditioner - I find red hair gets very dry, very quickly, and needs a nice, rich conditioner. I like to comb this through in the shower and leave for a while. (Note - for those of you lacking the foresight to stock up on the Laminates shampoo, the Hydre shampoo is a good second option!)

Now, if you heat-style your hair (I do!), you need something to protect it, especially if you have coloured hair, and especiallyespecially if your hair is coloured red! Sebastien Trilliant spray is light and non-sticky-or-greasy, and gives a nice hold, whilst still protecting from the harsh treatment of my ghd. Its also shimmery! Bonus!

PS: I am not in any way officially (or unofficially) affiliated with Sebastien haircare. My hairdresser uses and recommends it, hence my love-affair with the stuff. Genuinely, highly recommend!



  1. Gorgeous!!

    I've never had red hair, I don't think it would suit me at all :( :( :(

    On you - it's stunning.

  2. I don't colour my hair. I actually love my natural colour.
    But, I adore your red hair. If I could change my colour and know it was going to look as fab on me I'd go red in a second!

    DOn't know about how I would cope with the upkeep though?

  3. How funny we did quite similar blog entries today!

  4. Love it! I've always thought about dyeing my auburn hair full red, but I'm such a sook about it. Gosh your cheekbones are gorgeous, move over models! :)

  5. Lovely lovely lovely. Do you swim a lot? Your hair is in beautiful condition!

  6. Nawww thanks guys! My natural colour is a dark blonde - it was a big decision to go red, but I'm so glad I did it!

    Mez - your haircolour is gorgeous hun!

    Sammie - red hair is hard to maintain, it fades sooooo fast! You wake up one morning and suddenly its gone morange :D

    Carly - I LOL'd when I saw that too!

    Wikigirl - thankyou hun, blushing right now! I've never thought of my cheekbones as being pretty

    Carpet Burns - I have been spending a lot of time in the ocean lately, which has been fading my hair super-fast. But if I swim in chlorine I always try to swear a swimming cap


  7. It suits you so much I always thought it was natural! haha. I've never heard of Sebastien products I'll have to try that spray methinks!

  8. Hi Cate!

    How often do you dye your hair? I too have dark blonde and prefer to be a red head, but I find it hard to go four to six weeks with regrowth.

    How to do you cope?

  9. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL. The colour is perfection and I adore the fringe too. Not many people can rock the red, but you do it well. X

  10. I've always loved your red hair hun - its so gorgeous and suits you to a "t"



  11. I might have to give those products a try. Mine fades fast too - I usually use a colour replacing shampoo (I think it might be wella?) once every couple of weeks just to give it a boost before I can get to the hairdresser.

    And mine gets dry too - I tend to use the leave in spray - the organic coconut one you can get in Woolies. I've had people randomly comment that I smell nice like coconuts;)

  12. Thanks for this hun! I've been considering another hair colour change, I had bright red hair when I was a teenager, and I loved it! xx

  13. Hahahaha How much of that shampoo did you buy?? I just imagine you having a huge wardrobe in your garage full of this magical shampoo! Hahaha

    I'm a lover of red hair, but far too lazy to keep it. Very jealous :)

  14. i too had red hair as a teenager!
    mine is sooooooo dry at the moment i need to try some deep condition stuff pronto.


  15. I used to have red hair a few years ago!
    It was so much cheaper and easier than being blonde.
    I used a revlon colourball inbetween colours.
    it worked really well!
    only 3 mins and it makes it so much brighter.

  16. Jade - thanks hun!

    Kirryn - hehe most people think it is my natural hair colour, I love telling them its not! The Trilliant spray is the bomb!

    Sonya - thankyou so much! The fringe was a big risk for me because I'm laaaazy with my hair, but luckily it seems to work

    Wen - thanks hun!

    Poptartlr - highly recommend the Sebastien stuff! My colour used to fade crazy-fast before I started using it

    Asea - I have my hair coloured every 6-8 weeks. Any longer than that and it starts to look very faded and icky. I'm lucky because my natural colour is quite a dark blonde and my hair naturally holds a LOT of red, so I don't get regrowth per se, just fading. I think the colour-conserving products help too

    aelie - you would look amazing as a redhead, do it! :D

    Frivolous - LOL I actually had a whole closet full! Like, around 20 bottles of shampoo! It was so funny, I was like a shampoo hoarder!

    Holly - the Hydre is gold for dry hair, smells so nommy too!

    Cotton Socks - you would look gorgeous as a redhead too hun! What is this colourball of which you speak? Sounds brilliant!