Friday, April 29, 2011

in the spirit...

In the spirit of the Royal Wedding, I whipped up some themed snacks for tonight's dinner - all easily eaten whilst watching the ceremony coverage, naturally

Accompanied by a gin & tonic or two (or three)...

Assorted sandwiches and mini pastries...

Rounded off with Eton mess - tasted a lot better than it looks in these photos!

Gorgeous! Did you all love the dress as much as I did? Vintage McQueen, genius - a modern re-take on Grace Kelly

Loved how the Queen matched the Bishop in gorgeous tones of gold and yellow. And are those Louboutins on the Queen's royal tootsies? Nice!



  1. LOVED it all!!!

    Loved it!!!

    Sigh, I've got such wedding fever right now hahahaaa

  2. just so gorgeous - she looked amazing

    wish I could do ours all again tomorrow LOL

  3. Ahhh LOVED it! She looked absolutely amazing and she and Will looked so in love!

    Love your British themed nibblies! xx

  4. That's so lovely! I adore eton mess :) Kate looked beautiful, I'm in the US at the moment and was in Starbucks with my bf who was trying to organise wifi for me to watch it. I missed out unfortunately, so sad :( From the pictures I've seen, she looked absolutely stunning!

  5. ♥ your food pics!
    We had a trifle to that was divine.

  6. I missed the wedding *sniff* but saw pics and LOVE her dress. Stunning. So Grace Kelly. You put on a fabulous spread here, darling, very impressive and yummy :)
    Heidi xo