Friday, April 22, 2011

lazy long-weekend saturday...

Happy long weekend to you all! I hope you're having a fabulous time relaxing and enjoying the company of loved ones (and eating lots of choccie eggs and easter buns!)

We started the day with breakfast and coffee, thanking our lucky stars that lee&me were open!

Breakfast of champions! Otherwise known as the big brekky

Amaaaazing Easter breakfast special - Berry sourdough hot cross buns, served with house-made mixed berry jam and the MOST nommy combo of ricotta, toasted almonds and white chocolate

First-time outing for my Lover dress, snagged in the recent jumble sale - love it!

I have absolutely no idea of the name of this dress - I believe its from the Sacred Hearts collection? Muchly grateful to anyone who may be able to enlighten me!

Notably cold this morning! Cold enough for tights in any case

Lover dress (of uncertain name)
Tony Bianco wedge heels
Jag leather satchel
Oroton silk scarf and sunglasses

I've told V a million times, to not play with his food! hehe

A little bit later on in the morning, we packed up the surfboard and headed down to the Farm, at Killelea State park, so V could go for a surf. I set myself up all cosy-like on the cliff...

My best attempt at taking photos of V surfing - mind, this is from an iPhone camera with negligible zoom capacity! If you squint reeeeally hard, he's the one riding the wave...

Again, V on the crest of the wave - he was quite easy to pick out today because he was the only bare-chested surfer out there!

Such a gorgeous, gorgeous spot! I may or may not have taken a nap



  1. Those are the prettiest Hot Cross Buns I've seen all Easter!!!

    Love your Lover dress ♥

  2. Your Lover dress looks so pretty on you. I purchased that one a few years ago online (stupid decision) in black and it looked awful on me not to mention it was too tight over my bust. It looks great on you though, jealous!

  3. Absolutely love the dress - looks great!

  4. i think it might be the charlotte dress? i have the blouse version, but the dress is beautiful!

  5. Love this post. You look loverly in your dress and that little spot on the cliff is sublime!

  6. The Easter Breakfast looks sooooo good.

  7. Lovely dress! Looks like a gorgeous Saturday <3

  8. I agree, fabulous Lover dress here. I adore Lover pieces yet have none. I get to drool over them on your blog :) Oh, and your breakfast...beautiful! Amazing sounding combo of ricotta, toasted almonds and white chocolate!
    Heidi xo

  9. Those hot cross buns sound amazing. I wish hot cross buns were sold all year round mmmm. I have that Lover dress too - it's the Charlotte dress from the Electric Ladyland collection and it looks lovely on you.

  10. Gorgeous dress! I was just passing through Wollongong yesterday - we stopped for lunch at Lee and Me because I have seen it so much on your blog:)

  11. Thank so much ladies for the sweet comments about the dress! I wasn't entirely sure it suited me (having nabbed it in a craaazy sale), but you have all entirely reassured me <3

    Bonsai and Chow - yaaay, thanks ladies for ID'ing my dress!

    Mez - I've never tried sourdough hot cross buns before, but they are delish!

    Poptartlr - eeeee, how exciting! I hope you loved lee&me as much as we do!


  12. V has some definite skillz with the fruit piling :P

    And I wonder whether you're going to/are trying out surfing as well? Actually, I'd love to learn...since we're so close to the beach and all...but I fear that I'd fail horribly :P.

    Much love C, Xo Deb