Saturday, April 9, 2011

snippets of saturday...

Happy Saturday to all in Blogland! V and I kick-started the day with breakfast at lee&me, followed by some time at the beach...

Gigantic coffee, hooray!

Mmmm, amazing buttermilk hotcakes with sweetened ricotta, strawberries and extra maple syrup...

V had the roll - scrambled eggs and bacon with tomato, avocado, cheese, chutney and rocket on a toasted roll

Spent some time chilling with some old favourite magazines and a nice big apple-pineapple-celery juice, while V went surfing

The weather was unexpectedly warm today

Embracing the silk scarves again, this time as a headband...

sass&bide tee
Witchery skirt
Oroton silk scarf worn as headband
Tony Bianco flats
Jag satchel
Cotton On sunglasses

I was going through some old photos this afternoon when I came across this snap of Jasper when he was a little baby - seriously, people, the cuteness is unbearable!

Tonight, V and I shared a nice bottle of savignon blanc - this is one of my current favourites

Seafood extravaganza! Simple, fresh, easy dinner

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!


  1. What a perfect Satdeeeeee!!

    Love, love, LOVE little Jasper ♥

  2. Fun day!! It was such a lovely warm day- how could you not spend it in the sunshine!?!!
    Hannah x

  3. Your weekend breakfasts at your fav local always look delicious!

    Loving your dinner too!

    Jasper is the cutest little thing and the baby Jasper picture - too cure for words!!

  4. That coffee looks sublime. My last few coffees have been so disappointing - I need a lee&me near my place!

  5. Yes, your breakfasts are looking great. Must check out lee&me when I'm next in the gong. Just noticed the notebook mag in the background, I miss that mag! Wish it was still available.

  6. I miss seafood so much!!! I love your headscarf. :-)

  7. Mmm... Hot cakes!!!! They look so so good! I want some for breaky today now!
    And Ahh... Wither Hills! An old friend... Still quite a few more months till I can enjoy a glass or two or bottle of that though...

  8. What a lovely day! Love your outfit, so simple yet cute. OMG Jasper is just gorgeous as a baby! *squeal* xx

  9. Cate I need those pancakes stat! Your weekend breakfasts are always such a good tease :) Loving the headband on you.
    Heidi xo

  10. Oh cute little baby Jasper! Its such a magic time when cats are little kittens. His so wide-eyed and adorable looking!

    I wrote something similar on this post a few days ago but I think I didn't post it correctly haha.

  11. Mez - he was so adorable as a kitten, I cannot believe how teeny he was! when I look at how huge he is now! :D

    Hannah - so true, now that we're heading into winter, I'm trying to get as much sun as possible

    StylishShoeGirl - I sometimes worry my breakfasts are going to start boring people! :D

    Mary - ohhh, nothing is worse than a disappointing coffee! Especially now that they can be so expensive! Hope you find a good local soon :)

    Dressed and Eaten - waaaaah I nearly cried when they stopped making notebook magazine! I have kept all mine, I still read them religiously! Highly recommend lee&me

    Jessie - thanks hun, I'm new to the whole headscarf thing, glad I pulled it off!

    Sammie - hehe I know I would miss my sav blanc for 9 months too hun! gladly give them up tho for the end result ;)

    aelie - thanks hun! obsessed with navy and grey together right now

    Heidi - ohhhh the pancakes are lee&me are beyond my wildest pancakey dreams, love them!

    rose petals - kittens are just the cutest things in the world IMO, I could play with them all day long