Friday, April 8, 2011

today I...

kick-started the day with a large cappuccino from lee&me...

wore a silk scarf to work...

nabbed some goodies from the farmers markets...

ate Japanese food for dinner...

chased down with Japanese lemonade, of course...

bought some lovely new books...

and filled up my hot water bottle - winter is well and truly on the way!


  1. Wah!!!!

    Gorgeous post. I love your hot water bottle holder annnnnnnnnnnnd the books :) :) :)

    Have a gorgeous weekend!

  2. what? how far south is the south coast anyway? it's still so warm here in sydney. perhaps you need to go to melbourne to see what a real winter is like. :)
    i do like your owly on the hot water bottle. but jeebus i couldnt think of using one of those atm.

  3. That owl cover is adorable! I live in QLD so I've never had a hot water bottle, but that alone is enough to make me want one hehe.

  4. I love the owl hot water bottle - nothing beats one for cosy warmth.

  5. I can't believe you need to use a hot water bottle already!!! It is still ok in Sydney.
    Love the owl on the bottle very cute! Love japanese for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

  6. I ADORE that water bottle. In fact, anything owl related! Love your blog x

  7. I loved this post, and your water bottle too!! I saw the Chanel book recently, I might get it for my friend for a thank you present.
    Heidi xo

  8. Mez - eeeee new books are just the best thing ever!

    holly - it is COLD down here right now! :D hey, I'm used to NZ winters, so when I say its cold, it is cold LOL!

    Bonsai - hehe, hot water bottles are awesomeness! I wouldn't cope in Qld, I don't handle the heat too well

    alice - I would love to knit a cover for myself! they are so snuggly :)

    Leah - ooooh Japanese for brekky is the best!

    Jane - I love anything owl-related too! (see my owl brooch in today's brooch hehe)

    Heidi - its such a lovely book, I've been poring over it for days, the illustrations are gorgeous