Tuesday, May 24, 2011

falling in love all over again...

With winter coming on, I have been on the hunt for a nice, rich moisturiser to add to my regime - my lovely rosehip oil doesn't quite cut it on its own when the weather gets cold and dry and windy. I love the Lush Skin's Shangri-La cream, but after a few inconsistent batches last winter, I decided to look elsewhere

I used to use Ella Bache products a few years back. And as I was wandering through my local David Jones at the weekend, I saw the Ella Bache counter and had a total lightbulb moment - creme intex!

This stuff is seriously GOLD. It is one of the only moisturisers I've ever used which leaves my skin hyrdated and soothed, and not feeling dry after a few hours of applying. I love the texture of it, it sinks right into my skin, and it doesn't have a strong fragrance. I especially love that it only has 8 ingredients in total, and I actually know what they all are! (cod liver oil anyone?) I am already noticing the difference in my skin after only a few days of using this. So a slight addition to my 5 second skincare routine, and a welcome one

I should also add, in the interests of blogging integrity - when V read my post about 5 second skincare he fell about laughing. "You take hours to get ready for bed at night!" After I had tickled him until he begged for mercy, I had him repeat after me - the actual skincare routine is very simple, but the whole winding-down, relaxation process of an evening is veeeeery important to me and takes a bit longer ;)

Do you change up your skincare routine as the weather and seasons change?


  1. MUST try this soon... you don't even want to know what moisturizer I'm using at the mo mo... ran out of AESOP a few weeks ago... had to resort to something I shan't mention... :/

  2. Oooh that looks like a classy cream! I've actually started using Australian Jojoba oil on my face at night as a moisturiser, as my skin was getting quite dry. So far so good! :)
    Hannah x

  3. Sounds like a really nice product, I definitely agree that less is more in terms of ingredients.

    I have to change things up in winter, I usually switch to a cream cleanser and use a heavier moisturise. Right now my skin has gone crazy in response to an antimalarial I have been taking, so I'm using Cetaphil (dermatologist enforced), and a dermatologist concocted lotion, and am BANNED from moisturiser! I'm barely surviving, moisturiser is just about my most favourite skincare product. When it's over I'm going to moisturise with a vengeance, so I might check out this product!

    Hope you're having a cosy winter :)

    xox Skek

  4. Oh this sounds good, might try it myself