Saturday, May 21, 2011

relaxing sunny saturday...

The long-overdue weekend has finally arrived! We both had a full-on week, and needed a nice relaxing day to unwind...

Nommy breakfast - ricotta and honey on sourdough toast, with mixed raspberries and strawberries, mmmmmm

Later in the day, V and I went for a drive to the Nan Tien buddhist temple, for a walk in the sunshine and some lunch

Supre skirt
Country Road tee
Supre leopard-print scarf
Rubi booties
Cotton On sunglasses
Tiffany&Co necklace

Delish vegan lunch!

Jasper got a fright from the neighbour's dog and decided to go into hiding this afternoon - after several fruitless minutes of calling him, he finally emerged

Jasper, don't scare me like that! I couldn't find you!



  1. Oh Jasper is just gorgeous. Dougall is a total scaredy cat, too.

    Buddhist temple sounds lovely - I would never think to do something like that on a weekend.

  2. I love posts about Jasper haha did you get him from a breeder? I'm thinking of getting one and love seeing pics of a British blue :)

  3. Looks like a great way to unwind!
    I love Jasper - he is soooooooo cute and a little bit naughty so it seems!

  4. That breakfast looks so yummy! Jasper is so cute and clearly very good at hide and seek!

  5. You look like a fairy xx

    Isn't the vegan food DIVINE, I remember eating there once and having noodles & some little pastries, ZOMG, heaven!

    Love you xx (oh and Sati hides when people visit; she usually secretes herself in a basket of washing! Impossible to find! xx)

  6. Oh yummy! I remember going on an overnight school trip to the Nan Tien temple! Loved that vegetarian food :)

  7. Jasper, don't do that again, ok? What a cutie. I love your outfit too! Perfection.
    Heidi xo

  8. I ADORE this outfit Cate! Absolutely stunning, and I want those boots! <3

  9. oh yumme! do they serve any rice noodles? i'm obsessed with those at the momo